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Able Canopies' Spring News 2012

Welcome to our 2012 Spring Newsletter

We have six great stories including a recent canopy installation in Buckinghamshire, an introduction to The Coniston – the world’s most flexible canopy system and some really cool links for children, schools and parents.

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Cool Links for kids, Teachers and parents

Our teams are always on the look-out for fun and exciting links, making education fun for children, teachers and parents!

Check out the links below that we’ve found for you to enjoy this spring:

Make a Sock Monkey - Having a spring clean? Getting rid of some old socks? Before you bin them, click the link to find out how you can make use of your old socks and have fun at the same time!


A Kids Heart - There’s lots of Spring time activities on this website to keep the little ones amused including how to make flower heads, online games and puzzles, printable sheets and much more.


Apples 4 the Teacher - This is a great website for you and your children if you are fans of arts and crafts, there are many Spring activities and crafts to create why not try making a birdhouse out of craft stick?

Stay at Home Moms - Is a great website with lots of ideas for how to get the little ones out of the house and active this spring by creating fun adventures whilst keeping fit and healthy.


Resources Teachers - This website is packed full of free resources for teachers form nursery rhymes to lesson plans, this will help keep your lessons fresh and fun for your pupils.


RSPCA – Ideas and resources for teachers to introduce your pupils to the life cycles of animals and teach them about animal welfare including assembly ideas.



BrainPOPBrainPOP UK is a fresh, highly engaging educational website which contains hundreds of animated explanations and interactive quizzes for Key Stage 2 / P3 – P6 and Key Stage 3 / P7 – S2.

Wendover Pre-school Celebrates the Installation of their New Canopy

1st February 2012,
– Learning has never been so much fun for the children of Wendover Pre-school in Buckinghamshire since the recent installation of their colourful new canopy. Ever since the pre-school updated their garden area, they have been working hard to raise funds for a canopy so that the children could play and learn outdoors in all weather and all year round.

The pre-school, that cares for up to 25 children each day, chose a wall mounted canopy, which was supplied and installed by Able Canopies. The new installation now allows the staff and children free flow from indoor to outdoor activities and gives the children access to fresh air even on rainy days. It also offers up to 99.9% UV protection which was an important consideration for the pre-school as they wanted to provide a canopy which not only protected the children from bad weather but also blocked out the sun’s harmful UV rays, allowing the children to play outdoors safely in sunny weather too.

In order to purchase the canopy the children and staff took part in a variety of fundraising activities as Sarah Smith, the Pre-school Secretary explains: “The canopy was made possible through fundraising, the majority of which was generously donated by The Harpenden Building Society. Other fundraising activities (supported by our parents and friends) have included a sponsored carnival walk, the sale of Christmas crafts made by the children, tea towels and the Christmas raffle.

The canopy which was installed during the Christmas break caused much excitement when the children returned. Sharon Tapping, Wendover Pre-school Leader says: “The children were so excited when we returned to Pre-school in January and couldn’t wait to get outside to play. We have had many positive comments from parents. [...] The staff are thrilled with the new canopy and are looking forward to all the extra opportunities that it will bring. It is great to be able to set up the outdoor area each morning without having to rely on the weather forecast to make a decision as to whether we get all the resources out or not.

The Pre-school leader, Sharon Tapping explains the advantages of their new outdoor learning area, “The new canopy is a wonderful addition to the Pre-school. We now have a brilliant all weather learning and play area for the children and staff to enjoy. We were amazed at how quickly it was done - all in one day - and how helpful and accommodating Able Canopies were. We would also like to thank The Harpenden Building Society for making our wish come true


Funding for your Sports Equipment

We have recently teamed up with Sportsafe; the UK’s leading sports facility providers. We are therefore offering comprehensive sports equipment installation, repair, service and maintenance packages.

As the number one service and maintenance company in the country, Sportsafe UK realises how important it is to prolong the life of your sports equipment with regular maintenance checks. There will always come a time however when equipment reaches its economic life span and you may need to consider upgrading, refurbishing or replacing your equipment.

Sportsafe UK have always had the expertise required to provide and carry out installation of new equipment and now you may have a fantastic opportunity to gain the funding that is available following the London 2012 games.

Sport England has over £50 million available to schools, colleges, universities and sports centres to refurbish or upgrade their existing facilities and now is the best time to “tap into” this funding.

Sportsafe UK  can provide the assessment, advice and official quotation to enable you to submit your application to Sports England and get your facility looking great again in 2012!

For all the right guidance and information you need to bring your sports hall back to life, email sales@ablecanopies.co.uk for more information or click here > Sports equipment repairs, servicing and maintenance


The Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy

The Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy is Able Canopies’ most versatile and most popular product. This is because the Coniston can give you almost everything that you could possibly want from your canopy. The Coniston can be a very small entrance canopy just to cover a door or it can wrap around your entire building creating coverage from every exit from your building. There are many extras that can be added to your wall mounted canopy including side fills, secure roller shutters, seating, coloured posts and the popular Rainbow Package which includes a colourful banner to run the length of your canopy.

Not only does the Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy have many options available making it the perfect shelter solution for all schools, it has many benefits which you may find very interesting including:

  • A full 10 year guarantee with up to a 25 year life expectancy
  • Roof panels which block up to 99% of harmful UV rays
  • It has a heavy duty structural Aluminium & uPVC glazing system for ultimate strength
  • The polycarbonate roof panels are light in weight and up to 200 times stronger than glass and 10 times stronger than uPVC panels
  • Built-in properties that means the canopy requires only periodic cleaning

Here are some recent examples of just how flexible The Coniston really is….

One Canopy Fits All….

The Coniston can be of any length so that you can create a canopy to suit your needs. The smallest Coniston installed by Able Canopies was 1.5m x 800mm and was installed at Swiss Cottage School in London.  We have installed many large Coniston Wall Mounted Canopies at schools all over the UK, one of the most recent large installations was at Chandlers Field Primary School in Surrey which was 28m in length.

How Flexible are You?….

The Coniston can also wrap around your building, going round corners and matching your building’s shape. The Coniston can be fitted with hips and valleys, these enable the Coniston to fit around corners and any permanent objects including trees.

We recently installed a wall mounted canopy that literally wrapped around the whole building creating an all-weather, all-round shelter solution for the pupils and staff at The Downs CE Primary School in Kent. The canopy had an overall length of over 70 metres and included various hips and valleys.

Feeling a Little Insecure?….

Adding Secure Roller Shutters to your canopy will enable you to really get the most from your canopy. You could use it as a storage room over night keeping any outdoor play equipment safe and sheltered from vandalism and theft and will also protect the equipment from overnight weather.

Secure Roller Shutters will also give you the option to use your canopy in dreadful weather conditions blocking the wind and rain completely.

Kirk Sandal Infant School in South Yorkshire recently ordered a Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy with Secure Roller Shutters, the staff at the school can now rest assured that their outdoor equipment will be safe and secure over night and out of school hours.

Filling in for the Side!

The Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy can also have side fills and safety barriers installed. These can be of any size to fit to your canopy and you can choose to have side fills and barriers installed to one, some, or all of the sides of your canopy. The side fills are constructed from polycarbonate and you have choose to have 40mm structured polycarbonate side fills which will match the polycarbonate on the roof of your canopy, or choose 5mm solid polycarbonate side fills and create a clear wall enabling staff to see everything inside of the canopy clearly.

Side and front fills are great as they block wind and rain coming from different directions allowing you to use your canopy in awful weather conditions as with the secure roller shutters.

Hutton All Saints C of E Primary School in Essex recently ordered 5mm clear polycarbonate side fills to be installed to their existing Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy.

Safety Barriers are great for keeping the little ones from straying! We have some great designs that are constructed from Steel and can be powder coated to any RAL colour of your choice, and we also have some polycarbonate options available for you to choose from.

Kingsthorpe Children’s Centre in Northamptonshire ordered steel safety barriers with their canopy and chose to have them both finished in grey to match the current colour scheme of the building.

Colours of the Rainbow!

The Rainbow Package is a great addition to your canopy for children’s centres, pre-school, nurseries and primary schools. It brightens up your canopy with the colours of your choice and adds fun and friendliness to your building.
The Rainbow Package includes, coloured canopy posts, coloured post pads and a banner in the colours of your choice. You can choose to have the banner in one colour, two colours or as many colours as you like. Lovelace Primary School in Surrey decided on having the Rainbow Package with seven different colours.

Add a Bit of Colour….Go On….

Add some colour to your canopy and outdoor area by choosing to have the framework powder coated in any RAL colour to enhance or match your current surroundings. Choose to have the whole canopy frame coloured or just the roof framework or posts.
Inchyra Nursery in Falkirk in Scotland decided to order their wall mounted canopy powder coated in blue to match their current fencing creating a canopy that fits in seamlessly with their aesthetics.

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