A-Z of Products

Below you will find all of our products listed in alphabetical order:


Lakeside Backless Bench
Lakeside Bench with Back
Single Stem Flower Seat

Hippo Novelty Bins
Pebly Classic Bin
Pebly Premier Bin
Smiley Novelty Bins

Car Park Bollards with Reflective Signage

Picnic Tables
Bleabury Mini Picnic Table
Longside Picnic Table
Robnison Picnic Table

Caudale Colourful Welded Planter Boxes
Wall Garden 3-Pot Planter

Play Panels
Abacus Play Panel
Alphabet Play Panels
Alphabet Snake Play Panel
Flip Over Nougats & Crosses Play Panel
How Tall Play Panels
Large Chalk Station
Scientific Colours Play Panel
Scientific Gears Play Panel
Scientific Pulleys Play Panel
Scientific Weather Station Play Panel
Shapes Education Play Panel
Sunflower Sums Play Panel
Tell me the Time Play Panel
Times Table Educational Play Panel
Today’s Date is… Play Panel
Today’s Date is… Sliding Play Panel
Today’s Weather Is… Play Panel
What Time Is It? Play Panel
World Map Play Panel

Post Pads
Double Post Pads
Single Post Pads


Palladio Commercial Awning
Australia Commercial Awning
Pergolino Supported Awning


Disability Access Canopies
Disability Access Canopies

Entrance Canopies
Abberton Entrance Canopy
Ainsley Entrance Canopy
Balmoral Entrance Canopy
Beck Entrance Canopy
Colwyn Entrance Canopy
Earlswood Entrance Canopy
Fenwick Entrance Canopy
Ferndale Entrance Canopy
Kensington Entrance Canopy
Kensington Junior Entrance Canopy
Lexden Entrance Canopy
Nelson Entrance Canopy
Orwell Entrance Canopy 
Redford Entrance Canopy
Tamworth Entrance Canopy
Tenby Entrance Canopy
Tintern Entrance Canopy
Ullswater Apex Entrance Canopy
Welford Dome Entrance Canopy
Whiteside Entrance Canopy

Executive Canopies
Imperial Senior Executive Canopy
Imperial Grand Executive Canopy

Free Standing Canopies
Devoke Free Standing Canopy
Devoke Junior Free Standing Canopy
Double Grange Free Standing Canopy
Grange Mono-Pitch Free Standing Canopy
Grange Junior Free Standing Canopy
Hamilton Big Span Canopy
Kensington Mono-Pitch Free Standing Canopy
Kensington Dual-Pitch
Ullswater Apex Free Standing Canopy
Welford Dome Free Standing Canopy
Welford Dome Junior Free Standing Canopy
Whiteside Free Standing Canopy

Glass Canopies
Glass Entrance Canopies
Glass Walkways
Glass Wall Mounted Canopies

Solar Canopies
Albedo Effect Solar Canopy
Grange Apex Solar Canopy

Grange Mono Pitch Solar Canopy
Kensington Dual Pitch Solar Canopy
Kensington Mono Pitch Solar Canopy 

Tensile Fabric Structures
Blenheim Umbrella
Codale Conic Free Standing Canopy

Drayton Umbrella
Kendal Cantilever Walkway
Keswick Cantilever Umbrella
Richmond Jumbrella
Ulverston Umbrella

Timber Canopies
Tarnhow Dome Free Standing Canopy
Tarnhow Mono Free Standing Canopy
Tarnhow Curved Free Standing Canopy
Tarnhow Mono Wall Mounted Canopy
Tarnhow Curved Wall Mounted Canopy

Coniston Walkway
Devoke Junior Walkway
Ennerdale Junior Walkway
Kendal Cantilever Walkway
Welford Dome Walkway
Welford Dome Junior Walkway

Wall Mounted Canopies
Ashton Wall Mounted Canopy
Coniston Wall Mounted

Tarnhow Curved Wall Mounted Timber Canopy
Tarnhow Mono Wall Mounted Timber Canopy

Design & Build

Optional Extras

Coloured Polycarbonate
PVC Rainbow Curtains
Rainbow Package
Secure Roller Shutters
Side Fills - 5mm Polycarbonate

Shade Sails

Able Shade Sails
Evershade Waterproof Shade Sail


Bin Shelters
Grasmere Bin Shelter

Buggy Shelters
Easydale Buggy Shelter
Meadley Buggy Box

Cycle Compounds
Easydale Cycle Compound
Witton Cycle Compound

Cycle Shelters
Ainsley Cycle Shelter
Easydale Cycle Shelter

Free Standing Witton Cycle Shelter
Grasmere Cycle Shelter
Grasmere Timber Clad Cycle Shelter
Langdale Cycle Shelter
Wall Mounted Witton Cycle Shelter

Smoking Shelters
Ainsley Smoking Shelter

Trolley Shelters
AinsleyTrolley Shelter

Waiting Shelters
Ainsley Waiting Shelter
Easydale Waiting Shelter

Free Standing Witton Waiting Shelter
Grasmere Waiting Shelter
Langdale Waiting Shelter
Wall mounted Witton Waiting Shelter

Outdoor Projects

External Surfacing
Artificial Grass
Soft Play
Tarmac Surfacing

Aluminium Decking
Standard Ali Deck
Slip Resistant Ali Deck
Fire Resistant Balcony Decking
Fire Resistant Flat Balcony Decking
Rooftop Terrace Decking
Ali Deck Supa Joist

Steel Mesh Fencing
Steel Palisade Fencing
Timber Fencing


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