Safety Bicycle Rest STRAP

Safety Bicycle Rest STRAP

The Safety Bicycle Rest STRAP is a galanaised steel cycle stand that is available in two designs and can be supplied for double or single sided parking.

The frame is supplied with support brakets which holds the front or rear wheel in place and avoid the bike sliding down or falling over slighty.

This design is ideal for parking bikes within many settings including within bus and train stations, schools, town centres and hospitals.

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  • A simple design that takes up minimal space
  • Suitable for size and design of bicycles
  • Strong construction made from tubular steel bars
  • All steel is galvanised as standard for ultimate corrosion protection
  • Height above ground: 810mm
  • Width: Choice of 450mm, 1100mm, 1800mm depending on design chosen
  • Available as standard or with an extended support bracket
  • Can park one or two bikes depending on design chosen
  • Supplied with an extra 200mm of height for setting into a concrete base.


Height: 810mm (with an extra 200mm for setting into concrete)
Length: Choose 800mm or 1000mm

Available Options

  • Standard support brakcet
  • Extended suport bracket
  • Single sided parking
  • Double sided parking
  • 450mm
  • 1100mm
  • 1800mm
Frame Finish:
  • Galvanised only
Ground Fixing Method:
  • Setting in concrete only (200mm post extension for setting into concrete)
All options are available from the drop down list to the right.


Free delivery to UK Mainland only. Delivery is available to Northern Ireland at an extra cost. Please contact us for more details.

Expected Delivery Times: 7-10 days

Payment Options

You can purchase this product online or if you are unable to make card payments, please contact us for alternative payment options.


If you need help installing this product, Able Canopies' fully trained teams of fitters who are DBS checked can fit this product for you. For an installation price, please fill in our contact us form.

Design Options Explained

Standard Design, Single Sided Parking, 450mm wide:
Cycle Racks

Standard Design, Double Sided Parking, 450mm wide:
Cycle Rack

Extended Support Bracket, Single Sided Parking, 1100mm wide:
Cycle Rack

Extended Support Bracket, Double Sided Parking, 1800mm wide:
Cycle Rack

Please note: The above diagrams show the cycle racks with base plates, however they are supplied ready to be set into concrete, without base plates.

Colour Options

Supplied in a galvanised steel finish only.