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Bicycle Storage

Bicycle Storage

Bicycle lockers are an extremely secure way to store bikes within settings such as train stations, town centres and work settings where riders will be parking their bikes for long periods at a time.

They completely conceal cycles, reducing the temptation of theft and vandalism and can be locked with a cylinder lock and key.

As well as storing bikes, users can also store their luggage, helmets and accessories, keeping them safe and secure as well as protected from the rain.

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Bicycle Locker BikeBox 1
Bicycle Locker BikeBox 1 The BikeBox 1 is a secure cycle box that stores bicycles safely with the use of a lock and key and is available in two different designs.
Bicycle Locker BikeBox 2
Bicycle Locker BikeBox 2 The Bicycle Locker BikeBox 2 is a galvanised steel cycle shed that stores bikes in a lockable mini compound for safety and security.
E-Bike Charging Unit
E-Bike Charging Unit Charge Electric bikes with the E-Bike Charging Unit which is designed for use with out Bike Box range.