The Top Nine Benefits a Canopy Brings to You

Choosing to have a canopy, outside classroom or covered walkway installed at your school offers many benefits your pupils and their ability to play and learn outdoors in a safe and controlled environment. A shelter structure not only blocks the rain and wind enabling outdoor play and learning in bad weather conditions, it also makes it safe to be outside in the sun as our canopies block up to 99% of harmful UV rays.

A canopy also helps to create a boundary so that the children know that they have to stay within the designated area, which makes it easier for teachers to keep the children together in a group and stops them wandering off.

Would you like to find out how other teachers, head teachers & pupils are benefiting from having a canopy, outside classroom or covered walkway installed at their school?

If you would like to find out how other teachers, head teachers & pupils are benefiting from having a canopy, outside classroom or covered walkway installed at their school them keep reading. We have put together the Top 9 reasons (received from our clients) why a canopy can make a real difference to your learning environment:

1. Better outdoor learning opportunities

Canopies provide the perfect area for messier activities allowing for fun interactive lessons. Easy access to the outside can encourage outdoor play and exercise, which can also promote pupil interaction with nature and the environment. Read more >



2. Protection from harmful UV rays

Provide some much needed shade for your pupils and staff on those sunnier days, allowing everyone to enjoy the outside air whilst benefitting from the UV protection of our commercial grade tensile fabric or polycarbonate roofing systems. Read more >



3. More space to learn

Investing in a canopy instantly gives you more usable space – it is a cost-effective alternative to building an extension to your building and it also offers pupils the opportunity to go outside whatever the weather, allowing them to fully enjoy their school grounds all year round. Read more >


4. Improved play opportunities

Being stuck inside at break times due to wet weather can cause restlessness throughout the day – a canopy provides excellent shelter from the rain giving your pupils the freedom to play outside even during rainy break times. Read more >



5. Cooler classrooms

By shading windows from the sun, canopies can reduce the use of air conditioning, helping to save energy and reduce your carbon footprint, which in turn will create a more comfortable environment for you and pupils. A canopy can also reduce glare on screens allowing easier use of computer screens, and furnishing can also be                                               protected from bleaching by the sun. Read more >


6. Secure ‘Time Saving’ storage

With the addition of our roller shutters you can create a secure storage space where outside furniture or play equipment can be stored once the school is closed- saving the need to bring those items indoors at the end of each school day. Read more >



7. Designated safe and covered waiting areas

A canopy can make an excellent designated waiting area for parents, giving them somewhere dry to wait in bad weather. They also provide excellent waiting areas for children waiting for school buses, helping to ensure they wait in a safe area away from the busy car park.                                                     Read more >


8. Dry walkways between buildings

Provide a covered walkway between buildings to keep your staff and/or pupils dry, whilst they walk to lessons in wet weather. A walkway can also help to reduce accidents as pupils will not be tempted to run between buildings to avoid getting wet. Read more >



9. An attractive addition to your grounds

Our canopies can really improve the look of existing buildings or become an attractive feature of a playground or park. We offer an extensive range of standard products and we are able to provide individual bespoke designs and a wide range of colour options to allow you                                         to create a canopy to suit your setting. Read more >


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