Make National Storytelling Week A Success This Year

There isn’t long to go until it’s National Storytelling Week and you’ll want to be prepared for this super event that encourages learning and reading, and is a great way to interact with your students. This year will be the 18th year of the national event, and it could be the biggest yet. Here are some suggestions to make your participation great!

  1. Ride The Coat Tails

The event officially starts on the 27th January and ends on the 3rd February, but the organisers also encourage activity on the four days before and after called the coat tails. These days could be used for preparing or assessing the stories you will be reading during the event.

You could also use this time to give students more time to prepare for projects related to the stories you’ll cover.

  1. Take The Event Outside

Depending on what story you’re covering, be sure that you’re using the best location for telling a story. Outdoor spaces make great locations as they are atmospheric, and children love to learn outside.

Outside areas are also a great way to explore stories. For instance, children could re-enact the journey in “The Bear Hunt” around the playground.

  1. Recreate The Story

Whatever book you read, ask your children to re-create the story in a new and inventive way. For instance, they could create a play, draw a picture, or rewrite the story with different characters or from another character’s point of view.

At the end of the week, you could showcase them in an outside theatre production and hand out special prizes for the best recreation.

  1. Have More Than One Story

Choose more than one story for the children to work with. This could be tailored to different interests within your class, or just to offer choice. It would make any additional activities more varied and keep the interest of the whole class.

The challenge with this option is that it can be a lot more work to help set up and keep track of.

  1. Add Different Resources To Create Varied Work

With numerous crosswords, word searches, colouring sheets, and other resources, national storytelling week can be supplemented with additional activities to maintain the interest of your students.

What Stories Will You Be Reading?

National Storytelling Week 2018 is going to be a great event. But you’ll need to find the right stories for your class and create a structure that entertains them while educating.

What stories will you read? What activities are you planning?

Let us know your tips and stories about national storytelling week in the comments below.

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