The Coniston: The UK’s Most Popular Canopy?

The beginning of the new year, means many things, including fresh new figures that show the statistics of 2018. And naturally, this means we’ve calculated the total length of Coniston Wall Mounted Canopies supplied and installed in the year of 2018.

In 2018, we supplied and installed a total of 1,142 metres in length of Coniston Wall Mounted Canopies. That’s 314 metres longer than the length of the world’s tallest building (the Burj Khalifa). It’s also equivalent to 114 double decker busses, imagine that many busses lined up together, now that would cause some serious traffic!

Since we began manufacturing the Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy, we have installed a total of 23,774 metres of the canopy which is the equivalent to just under 15 miles. That’s 9 miles longer than Coniston Water which is the lake that the canopy is named after, and 3.5 miles longer than Lake Windermere; the largest lake in the Lake District.

So, as you can see, the Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy is our most popular product that we have installed at many schools and commercial properties throughout the UK and 14.77 miles is a lot of canopy! When it comes to canopies for schools, the Coniston really does cover all areas.

If you’re looking for a versatile, robust and long-lasting canopy that can be personalised to suit your individual setting, then the Coniston is most certainly the shade and shelter structure for you.

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Marketing Assistant Manager at Able Canopies Ltd
Christine is Able Canopies' Marketing Assistant Manager and is an advocate of outdoor learning. She is a big fan of fundraising and is always looking for fresh fundraising and outdoor learning ideas to share.

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