Your Guide to a Cracking Christmas Fair – Part 2

Two weeks ago I brought you ‘Your Guide to a Cracking Christmas fair – part 1’. Well today I am bringing you part two. These tips will help you run a Christmas fair that will succeed, pleasing teachers, students, parents and guests alike. It will also help you raise funds for important projects across your school.

If you use these tips for your fair, or any fundraising event, you will find the process and event much easier to manage. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the experience a lot more and find that results are much better.

So, here’s part two of the checklist to help your Christmas fair sparkle.

1. Keep on Advertising
Don’t stop with your advertising until after the event has passed. Spreading the word about your fair to the local community is one of the most important things. It means people know about your event and are more likely to attend. If you have enough resources and volunteers, post leaflets to the local residents. Ensure that there is social media coverage and perhaps post a press release to the local paper.

If you want to advertise with large banners in public spaces, seek permission from your local authority beforehand.

2. The Small Print
Make sure all licences and insurances are up to date and valid. You don’t want any mishaps on the day and not be able to pay out for them.

3. It’s All In The Planning
Create a floor plan for your venue. In this plan, outline where each stall will be situated and hand these out to all volunteers, helpers and anyone who is involved in the day. This will make it much easier for everyone to come in on the day and know where to go and set up.

4. Volunteer Rotas
You should also create a rota which outlines what everyone’s tasks are and when. Handing this out to all volunteers not only helps them know where to be and when, but if they need assistance from others, they will know where to find them.

5. Safety First!
Appoint qualified first aiders and make everyone aware of who the designated first aiders are and where they will be situated throughout the event. If you’ve got more than one, spread them out.

6. A Good Sign
Create signs for each area of the event, i.e. toilets, first aid etc.. Don’t forget signs for each stall to show what the stall is called. You should include what the stall is about and costs if applicable.

7. For Safe Keeping
Create a box of emergency items such as sticky tape, string, sticky tack, glue, scissors, paper and card. Anything you can think of that may be needed at the last minute if anything falls down or goes missing etc..

Don’t forget items you will need for cleaning up after the event such as bin bags and boxes. Everyone should know where this safe box is, so if they need it, they can get it. And of course, make sure all first aid requirements are adhered to.

8. Speech… Speech!
Prepare a little speech to thank everyone at the event for coming, helping and assisting in any way possible, show your appreciation. That’s why people volunteer after all, to help others and to feel good about it – a little appreciation goes a long way.

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Good luck and I hope your event is more successful than ever!

I would love read your comments below of how your event went and what the most popular stall was.

If you are looking for stall ideas for your Christmas fair or for any future fundraising events, our fundraising guide has been designed with PTA members in mind and is bursting with fundraising ideas! There’s also a handy check-list and testimonials from fellow fundraisers!

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