Extending Dining Space with Canopies for Social Distancing

Outside Dining Canopies - Extend Your School Dining Space for Social Distancing

With the prospect of children gradually being introduced back into schools, Headteachers are looking for ways to extend specific spaces such as those where children will gather. One of those places is the school dining hall.

You may think the most obvious option to achieve this would be to extend your school building however, that would be extremely costly, and the timeframe would too slow. A much more cost-effective option that will work perfectly with your time frame is a School Dining Canopy. This allows you to double, triple or even quadruple (or more) your allocated dining space so you can ensure pupils enjoy their lunches with the required 2 metre distance for social distancing.

Outside Dining Canopies - Extend Your School Dining Space for Social Distancing

Our canopies including the Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy, Welford Dome Free Standing Canopy and Tarnhow Timber Free Standing Dome Canopy are very popular within educational settings and many of the thousands of schools we’ve installed them at use them for the purpose of extending their dining area into the outdoors.

If you are worried whether a canopy is suitable for the colder months, then worry no more, our canopies can be supplied with canopy side panels to block driving wind and rain and we can also install secure roller shutters onto the canopy to keep your dining furniture safe and secure out of hours. To keep the area underneath well heated and lit when the weather is not so bright and warm, we can add heating and lighting to the canopy.

Outside Dining Canopies - Extend Your School Dining Space for Social Distancing

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We are offering virtual canopy surveys and sending estimates via email to make your canopy buying experience easy and hassle free during the COVID-19 pandemic. We also do not require any contact during our installations to ensure your canopy can be installed in time for when your students start arriving back at school without any risk to your staff, pupils and our installers.

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