Outside Time With Virtual Lessons

The government has said that all UK schools should be offering face-to-face virtual lessons for all children who are at home isolating due to Covid-19. This is a challenging prospect because of the lack of control on the resources you have with home schooling. One important element that is challenging is making sure that children get some lessons outside. The advantages of outside time are many. For one, it encourages physical activity. Secondly, it improves learning. And thirdly, it can … Continue reading

Five Old-School Fundraising Ideas For This Unique Year

Covid-19 has made it harder for traditional fundraising practices, like school fetes, challenging this year. This doesn’t mean that fundraising for the new school canopy or computer room has to stop however. There are still some old-school fundraising ideas that can be useful for your setting. Here are five old-school fundraising ideas for you this year. 1. Sponsored Reading A classic for most children is offering them a sponsored reading event. Children can be paid per book they read during … Continue reading

Ideas To Turn Your School Website Into A Fundraising Powerhouse

Whether you’re raising funds for a new school canopy or perhaps a new computer room, fundraising in this day and age has become more challenging. Sponsored events, school fetes and other activities have ground to a halt. That doesn’t mean that you’re unable to hold fundraising events, it just means you have to change strategy. One strength of a school that is often ignored is the potential of the school website. Very few educational institutions take advantage of their website … Continue reading

Forest Schools And Covid-19

Schools have started to return and there certainly have been differences to the start of the year. Students are facing new limitations and experiences within schools. And there have been concerns about how children can get the same high quality of teaching as they have done before. And where does the current restrictions leave forest schools? Transmission Within Outside Settings Lower The advantage of forest schools is that they’re outside. Either within a forest area or under the cover of … Continue reading

Can You Bring The Learning To The Children’s Interest?

Learning for children can sometimes be unwanted. They want to play or engage in activities that they’re interested in. They don’t want to be sat at a desk or on the floor listening to how to count or write out sentences. Children don’t see the value of these lessons in their life. However, that doesn’t mean that learning can’t be done by intermixing it with their own interests. In fact, children can become better learners when important lessons are blended … Continue reading

Three Ways School Sports Can Be Adapted For A Safer Return

There’s no doubt that covid-19 is going to be around for the next year, if not longer. And many parents are worried about social distancing in school. Classrooms can be made secure, but PE and sports are a bigger challenge. Anyone who has watched a primary school football match will know that young children will swarm onto a ball. This close contact can be the perfect place for the spread of illnesses. So, how can children be given sports that … Continue reading

Planning For Winter Fundraising With Social Distancing

Scientists and the government are warning us that there’s a potential of a second wave of Covid-19 coming this winter. And as a result, there is likely to be social distancing for the foreseeable future. That doesn’t stop the need for fundraising for your school. Normally, fundraising would be an event, held indoors, that can sometimes get crowded. Events might include school performances, school winter fetes and other evenings. These could all be put at risk should there be a … Continue reading

Three Ways School Canopies Will Help With Re-Opening In September

As schools re-open in September there are going to be significant challenges to face. One of those is space. While the Government guidelines state that children within a bubble don’t have to be concerned with social distancing, bubbles should be separated and all adults on sites must maintain a two-metre distance between them and others. This does present a space issue. However, there are ways that this can be eased through the use of school canopies. Here are three ways … Continue reading

The Obstacles and the New Social Distancing Rules that Affect Your School

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on the 23rd June that from September, all children will be expected to attend school; whether they’re at secondary or primary. This is in part to the reduction of the social distancing rules that people must remain one metre plus, away from each other, not the previous two metres. Regardless of the distance, there are still some big obstacles that schools are facing. Classroom Space Even when you half the social distancing rules, you don’t … Continue reading

Activities Children at Home Can Do that Can Help Them Learn

Educating children has become much harder in the past few months. It seems that some educators are relying heavily on online worksheets and classrooms (like Oak National Academy) to help with learning objectives. However, there are activities that can be undertaken that can help with learning. When children are given more creative lessons, there can be some challenges. Supplies and equipment might not be available. Parents could order them, but this could also delay their learning. So, what activities could … Continue reading