About Kelvin Bathe

Kelvin is the Marketing Manager here at Able Canopies and is passionate about how our customers can make the most of their outside space. He is also interested in new technologies and how they can be applied to assist project design and energy saving.

Protection above, below and around

Eating outdoors is one of the great pleasures of life. And it’s an excellent way for hospitality businesses to maximise the potential profits of the summer months and beyond. Being able to extend that ’outdoor season’ will be a big boost for many hospitality and leisure outlets. We had this opportunity in mind for customer service businesses when we created the ultimate outdoor weather protection pack for hospitality and leisure businesses. This combination of three complementary products will let bars, … Continue reading

An Awesome Awning

Our awning offer just got bigger and better with our new 12 metre span Langton awning. The Langton is the perfect option for restaurant, retail and leisure environments. It provides big shade for big spaces. The maximum projection of 4.35 metres means that it can protect large areas of tables, people and bar areas with ease. It is this extensive coverage which makes the Langton stand out. Its size makes it a cost-effective way to cover dining, drinking or social … Continue reading

An award for teamwork and dedication

We were delighted to be selected as the winner of the B2B (business or business) category at the recent Essex Business Awards. The annual event, run by media giant, Newsquest Group, is the blue riband event in the regions business calendar and recognises the best that the county has to offer in entrepreneurship, business growth, innovation, marketing and customer service. The B2B award ‘is for companies demonstrating as part of their business to business strategy a successful track record of … Continue reading

Adaptable, skilful and practical

Being flexible is part of our make up. The skills and products that we use for canopies can often be adapted to other uses around a site to ensure a coherent approach to the use of materials and a co-ordinated finished look to the new structures. A recent installation at Ashmole Primary School is a good example of this. Included in the work was a straight forward free standing Tarnhow mono canopy that created a new play and learn area … Continue reading

The latest edition of Outside Comfort Zone is available now

This edition of Outside Comfort Zone (our informative newsletter for all those interested in transforming outside space with high quality weather protection) has a bit of a theme running through it. It wasn’t until we sat back and looked at the layout that we realised we have gone a bit crazy for the timber installs. It’s all by circumstance rather than by design (it just happens that a lot of timber projects have finished at a similar time), but it … Continue reading

Made in the Shade

It’s been a long hot summer already and with a couple of months still to go it seems like a good time to talk about one of our most popular summer products – the shade sail. Like flip flops, sun hats and eating ice cream outdoors, shade sails are one of those things that only come to mind when the sun is shining …which is no surprise. Because of that heightened seasonality it is worth reminding ourselves of the circumstances … Continue reading

Setting up shop

There has been a fair bit of distressing news for the UK retail sector in recent months. We have seen profit warnings, store closures and well-known brands being wiped off the high street. As an antidote to that doom and gloom we have been pleased to be involved in a new retailing project that has seen us design a new canopy structure that will add practical, flexible retailing space to a commercial site. We based the design of this new … Continue reading

Top of the class

We are proud of all the canopies, shelters and accessories that we offer. But like most companies, even if we sometimes don’t like to admit it, we have a favourite product. What elevates a product to treasured status? It might be the one that has been around the longest, or the one that has the most applications or the one that is the most popular with customers. Or, as in the case of our Coniston, all three of those reasons. … Continue reading

‘Some People Walk in the Rain, Others Just Get Wet’

It’s an odd way to spend a Saturday night, walking 10 miles around the streets of Ipswich, a large part of it getting soaked in torrential rain. It is not an activity that we take on too often. It had to be something special that would persuade us to dress like neon loons and start walking at 10 in the evening. The motivation came from this year’s Midnight Walk to raise money for Ipswich based, St. Elizabeth’s Hospice. On its … Continue reading

New rules mean better outcomes

Unless you have been living on a remote island for the last few months you cannot have escaped the talk around the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This new piece of legislation, designed to protect personal data, is the reason your inbox is clogged with emails asking you to renew your preferences and continue to receive the emails you currently get from your favourite brands, suppliers and publications. The reach of the GDPR is wide and we have been … Continue reading