About Rachel

Rachel is Able Canopies' previous Marketing Coordinator, she is an advocate of outdoor learning and the benefits the outdoor brings to all.

New Cycle Compound Puts an End to Bike Thefts

Cardiff High School has seen bike thefts drop dramatically to zero following the installation of their new Easydale Cycle Compound. The school, which underwent a large refurbishment last August, had experienced a number of bicycle thefts from an existing shelter and so, as part of their refurbishment, they decided to have a compound installed which featured lockable gates to provide enhanced security. We installed an Easydale Cycle Compound to their exact size requirements and included steel lockable doors to deter … Continue reading

Big is Beautiful! – A closer look at our Big Span Canopies

During our busy summer installation period our teams have installed some fabulous big span canopies including a stunning Hamilton canopy at White Spire School in Milton Keynes. This large 16m x 11m structure was installed to provide cover for existing outdoor gym equipment, and to make the area bright and appealing the canopy was coloured Yellow Green to create a vibrant, energetic area that complement the colours of the gym equipment and inspired the students to exercise. Fitted with a … Continue reading

Uses for a canopy – No 1. Sandpit Cover

A canopy makes a great outdoor play or classroom area, and they are often also utilised as outdoor eating areas. However there are many other uses for a canopy. A useful one – particularly for Early Years and organisations which have lay areas for young children is using your canopy to protect and shade your sandpit. Not only will this keep children playing in the sand pit protected from the sun, and keep the sand cool and comfortable to play … Continue reading

Does Your School Need Funding for a Canopy or Shelter?

School funding and budgets are often hot topics which cause a lot of debates, particularly when deciding how to allocate the budgets, and how to get the most out of your money. If you find that your school budget is struggling to stretch to the canopy, shelter or awning that you require then it is worth looking into funding grants and fundraising. There are many organisations which offer funding, and many are particularly interested in supporting educational facilities. Providers such … Continue reading

Make more from your fundraisers

The great thing about fundraisers is everyone who comes to one is usually prepared to spend some money. With this in mind it is a good idea to include some extra money makers at your event which can boost your profits even further. Use your judgement to ensure you don’t ask for too much from attendees, but even some low-cost extras such as refreshments or a raffle can make a big difference to your final total. Heads or Tails This … Continue reading

Discover the potential of your hospital’s outdoor area

Whilst the internal facilities of your hospital are extremely important, an area which can be a huge benefit to both your staff, patients and visitors is a pleasant outdoor garden or seating area. The benefits of fresh air and engaging with nature are well documented, with more and more reports showing that even just looking at a natural environment can improve people’s wellbeing, for example research has shown that patient recovery rates improve if even the view out of their … Continue reading

Need your canopy installed this Summer?

We are now taking canopy and shelter installation bookings for the school summer holidays. As the weather turns warmer we all start to plan for things to do over the summer. As you make your summer plans, don’t forget to book your canopy or shelter installation too, to ensure you get the installations dates you want! Our summer holiday spaces book up extremely quickly, so if you are looking to have a canopy of shelter installed in the summer call … Continue reading

Ten signs your school or nursery should invest in a canopy

1. You have a great playground or outdoor area, but when it rains the area can’t be used as there is not enough shelter 2. As soon as the sun come out your building becomes stuffy and uncomfortable as sunlight streams through the windows. 3. Parents often complain about waiting outside to collect their children – this is particularly the case in bad weather, to combat this you have allowed them to wait in the reception/hallway; however this can cause … Continue reading

Be prepared – Things to do before you apply for a grant:

1. Know exactly what you want and why Make sure you have a clear idea of the project that you are requesting funding for. A grant provider will want to see that you will use the money for a specific scheme. 2. Conduct an Audit When deciding on the funding provider to contact, it is a good idea to conduct an audit of the school’s professional and personal contacts – including staff, parents and governor contacts if you can, to … Continue reading

9 Mistakes to avoid when running your PTA

1. Assuming all parents are alike Not all parents will be motivated by the same things – if you are finding people are shying away from taking part you may need to change your approach. Try to explain why it’s important for them be involved and what you hope to achieve. Accept all offers of help even just an hour can make a difference, and if they enjoy it they may also offer more help. And most importantly always make … Continue reading