Our Service from Design to Completion with Contractors & Architects

At Able Canopies Ltd, we have a simple mission – to provide safe and stylish weather protection that transforms outside spaces. Our high-quality structures create new areas for use as dining, waiting or learning in the fresh air. They provide shade and shelter from the worst of the weather, allowing movement between buildings or generally making the outside space more comfortable. We can control the canopy design, manufacture and installation process and attend site meetings as often as required to … Continue reading

RIBA Approved CPD Now Live: Fire Resistance Requirements for Balconies on Residential Buildings

We are extremely pleased to inform you that our CPD titled Fire Resistance Requirements for Balconies on Residential Buildings, has now been approved by RIBA and is therefore officially a RIBA Approved CPD. The CPD is for online learning only and can therefore be viewed in a time and place of your choice for your convenience. It covers the new legislation in The Building (Amendment) Regulations 2018, the Advice Note on Balconies on Residential Buildings and the Approved Document B. … Continue reading

Walking into Winter the Right Way, with a Walkway

As a nation we seem to all have at least one thing in common – we hate the rain and will do almost anything to avoid getting wet. Which is funny really, because the UK isn’t exactly the driest of countries and good old mother nature does love a downpour over here. So, when it comes to designing a new build or a renovation, please consider the end users and keep them dry when visiting different buildings onsite. One way … Continue reading

It pays to talk

We are under no illusions about the place that a canopy has in most construction projects, it is not the number 1 priority. That doesn’t mean to say that we can’t add value to the work. No matter what your experience of specifying a canopy is, the earlier that you talk to us about your requirements the better your project outcome will be. Early consultation leads to smarter solutions, less disruption and better final outcomes. For example, bringing us into … Continue reading

Making an entrance

Entrances to commercial buildings and industrial sites are often difficult spaces to cover. The balance between practical weather protection and aesthetic fit make for a design challenge. The examples shown here from recent installations demonstrate how our canopy systems can be used to meet the needs for shelter at distinctly different sites. The Hilton Hotel in York commissioned our Kensington Mono Pitch free standing canopy to provide a clear focal point for the hotel entrance. This canopy is a robust … Continue reading

Giving Specifiers What They Want

A recent report from NBS looked at what it is that specifiers want from manufacturers and suppliers in construction. It is a comprehensive piece of work and well worth reading. You can find it here The report is based on the feedback from more than 500 respondents who completed the NBS survey. For those who don’t have the time to read it in full, the report helpfully summarises the key things that specifiers are looking for and how they set … Continue reading

5 Myths of BIM demystified

When any new process or way of working begins to take hold in an industry there will always be a fog of myth and misinformation that forms around it. Change brings resistance and with it reasons not to embrace the new world. Many of these arguments will have no basis in truth. It is like that with BIM, or Building Information Modelling to give it its full name. Even though it really came to prominence 15 years ago there is … Continue reading

The 3 C’s of BIM – Cost savings, Collaboration opportunities & Clash detection

The NBS BIM Library is expanding every day as more approved BIM Objects are added. For architects, contractors and manufacturers there are many benefits in this new world of Building Information Modelling (BIM). The three key opportunities are: Cost and time savings The NBS BIM Library allows architects to select products and effectively ‘build the project, before they build the project’. This saves time on product assessment and decision making, reduces costs by minimising errors and will increase efficiencies in … Continue reading

Find our products in the NBS BIM Library.

We are pleased to announce that our canopy and shelter products have been added to the NBS BIM Library. There are 70 BIM objects currently available for architects and contractors to access, helping their planning and specifying, with more being added every week. This excellent resource is just a part of the way that BIM (Building Information Modelling) will transform the construction industry. We will have more to say about this revolutionary approach in the coming weeks. For now, if … Continue reading

A Detailed Look at our Specification Website

We have created a separate website that has been designed specifically for architects and specifiers. The website contains most, if not all of the information you that will need to help you decide whether our products would be the ideal solution for your project. This also means that our products can be specified easily and you can put them forward to your clients with ease an in minimal time. The homepage as shown to the right, (please click the image to … Continue reading