Made To Measure Canopies

Your company’s building and outdoor space is unique. How you use them is going to be different from other organisations; even those in the same industry. This individuality makes you special and is the reason why your customers pick your products or services over those of your competitors. Offering a variety of products and services enables you to provide different experiences for your customers so they can choose the best option for them. Offering this variety is a necessary challenge … Continue reading

Discover the potential of your hospital’s outdoor area

Whilst the internal facilities of your hospital are extremely important, an area which can be a huge benefit to both your staff, patients and visitors is a pleasant outdoor garden or seating area. The benefits of fresh air and engaging with nature are well documented, with more and more reports showing that even just looking at a natural environment can improve people’s wellbeing, for example research has shown that patient recovery rates improve if even the view out of their … Continue reading

Awnings for Care Homes – The Benefits

A much needed facility that may be overlooked within care homes is an outside shelter structure to provide shelter to their residents when enjoying the outside. Creating an accessible, comfortable and relaxing outside area for residents is important as the outside can offer a lot to those that can no longer pop here and there as and when desired. A relaxing outside area can give elderly and less able residents freedom. Whether it is giving them a hobby such taking … Continue reading

Improve Patient Experience at your Clinic

Most healthcare settings provide car parking spaces for their visitors, however there are other useful parking facilities for patients and visitors which are sometimes overlooked, such as cycle and buggy parking facilities. Cycling is becoming a more popular form of transport, particularly in inner city locations and so it is good practise to cater for those who choose to cycle to your healthcare clinic, providing them with a safe and secure area for them to leave their bike whilst they … Continue reading

How a Canopy can Enhance your Hospital’s Exterior

Improve your patients’ experience by providing shelter into your A&E department. Having an accident is an incredibly traumatic time for both patients and their families. Getting treatment for their emergency is no doubt the most important requirement of a patient, however ensuring that their time at the hospital is as comfortable as possible can help make the patient more relaxed during this distressing time. A simple way to improve patients’ experience is to provide shelter for patients when they are … Continue reading

Providing Covered Disability Access to your building

If your organisation is open to the public it is important that provision is made to enable anyone who has a disability to enter the building. This is also the case if you have a private building yet have members of staff who have disabilities which prevent them entering the building easily. Adapting your building to provide means of entry for all levels of mobility often involves installing a ramp – particularly if you are modifying existing buildings. As using … Continue reading

Walk this way – the benefits of covered walkways

A covered walkway can often been seen as a luxury product, particularly by schools and organisations with limited funds. This is a fair observation and it certainly is true that your site will be able to function without a walkway. However, the benefits a walkway brings to a site often far outweigh the initial cost. Not only can it link your site together, providing an integrated feel to your setting, it can also improve the experience of your staff, students, … Continue reading

Enhance your Care Home Environment with a Covered Outdoor Area

When considering moving a relative into a care home one of the key concerns of the family is that their relative will be happy, safe and enjoy living in their new environment. One way to help residents enjoy their stay at a care home, and to reassure families that those in the care home’s care will be happy and healthy , is to provide access to a pleasant outdoor area where fresh air can be enjoyed, light exercise can be … Continue reading

5 Reasons to create a comfortable outdoor area at your Hospital

Here are some reasons why an inviting outdoor area is a great idea for hospitals, care homes and hospices: 1. An outside area provides an escape from the clinical hospital environment that some patients or visitors can find overwhelming 2. Patients can get some fresh air and gentle exercise with a stroll around the area, this might even improve their recovery time 3. An outside area offers a quiet and calm place to think, relax and re-charge – great for … Continue reading

The Benefits a Covered Outdoor Area Brings to Hospital Patients

Creating a covered outdoor area within your hospital grounds will offer many benefits to your patients making them feel more relaxed when in your care. Create a Calm, Relaxing Environment Hospitals are full of activity and can become a very noisy and tiring environment to those who are not used to it. An outdoor canopy, shade sail or awning will create a tranquil space for patients to sit and gain fresh air and peace & quiet. Many hospitals have created … Continue reading