Sunshine and Showers

I cannot believe I’ve only just realised it’s currently #SunAwarenessWeek! Although I’ve maybe missed the boat on this one as it’s currently Friday, I truly believe that every week is a great week to raise awareness and educate children on the effects of the sun. With this in mind, I thought I’d look into some good old British weather stats and they’re actually pretty interesting… It’ll be no surprise to see that out of England, Scotland and Wales, in 2017 … Continue reading

Tarnhow Length of Installs

We recently showed you the total length of Coniston Wall Mounted Canopies that we have installed, and now we’re about to enlighten you of the total length of Tarnhow Timber Canopies that we have installed. We first launched our timber canopies in January 2012 and since then, they have become once of our most popular canopy ranges, particularly within the education, MOD & healthcare sectors. It is clear to see from previous installations that the most popular uses for our … Continue reading

The Coniston is Over Taking the World!

Well okay, maybe not the world but the Coniston has been so popular over the years since Able Canopies begun manufacturing and installing it, that it has overtaken the length of many large monuments and public spaces. The Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy was in fact named after Coniston Water; the third largest lake in the Lake District and can you believe it, the canopy has overtaken the length of the lake itself almost 3 times over! Since we started manufacturing … Continue reading

The Benefits of Steel

Steel is a very popular metal that has a large range of benefits including high strength and durability. Not only is steel used to manufacture a whole host of applications across the world, many of our free standing canopies and shelters are manufactured from this sought after material. Cost effective – Because steel is cost effective, it allows us to manufacture canopies and shelters that fit into most budgets. Robust – Steel is naturally strong and robust and because manufacturers … Continue reading

Cool Facts: Cycling

Cycling is a great way to keep you and your children active. In the recent years cycling has got more and more popular with many children now cycling to school rather than getting a lift in the car, and more and more adults are also starting to cycle to work. Did you know that cycling burns around 600 calories an hour and on a bicycle you can expect to be as fit as an average person ten years younger than … Continue reading

The Benefits of Aluminium

Aluminium is a popular metal used for the construction of canopies & walkways. It is a lightweight, robust metal that is long lasting, aesthetically pleasing and as a bonus it is recyclable, making it eco-friendly too! What more could you ask for?! I have listed below what I think are the most important benefits of aluminium… Lightweight – Aluminium is a lightweight material that weighs less than many other metals such as steel, copper, iron and brass. This makes it … Continue reading

Cool Links Summer 2013!

As the summer has finally made and appearance (well ,when it feels like it anyway!) I thought it would be a great idea to base this edition of cool links on playing outside and making the most of what nature has to offer with games and activities with no or minimal cost involved. So there’s no excuse for the little ones to stay indoors this summer – let’s get out there and play play play! Nature Rocks – This website … Continue reading

Cool Links for Children, Parents and Teachers!

Our teams are always on the lookout for cool links that teachers, parents and children can use, we like to add links that are a variation of fun, educational and creative. Check out this month’s cool links below and let us know what you think. If you’ve come across some really cool links lately that you would like to share, why not add them to the comments box below so all our readers can enjoy them. Create an Impressive Melted Crayon Artwork … Continue reading

Cool Autumn Links

With the children back at school, settling into their new classrooms you may be looking for something to keep them entertained at the weekends without spending the little bit of money you have left from the holidays! Or maybe as a teacher, you are looking for some fresh fun learning ideas for the children in their new year at school. Either way, we have found some great cool links for all of those parents, teachers and children out there; check … Continue reading

Cool Environmental Facts!

Environmental issues are very important and affect us all as a planet. Although many of us never really think about our actions, these facts may make you think twice next time you turn the light on when there is already enough daylight or when you leave the tap running when you’re not using it… Water 1. Did you know…The water you drink may have just come out of the tap clean and fresh but have you ever thought about how … Continue reading