Five Reasons Why You Should Choose the Grasmere Timber Shelter

Cycle shelters are becoming imperative outside structures for many establishments including town centres and shopping complexes, schools, supermarkets, offices, factories and hospitals. The world is starting to change, we are becoming much more aware of the impact that our choices have on the environment and how they will affect our future generations and wildlife. One of the actions many of us are taking to improve the future, is choosing to walk or cycle rather than drive. This means that every … Continue reading

Riding the wave

With more than a third of UK adults currently classed as cyclists (source: Mintel 2016), and 18% riding weekly or more, it is clear that cycling is playing a major part in the lives of people across the country. From occasional cyclists to health-conscious commuters and full on lycra clad racers, a large part of Britain moves on 2 wheels. One downside of the increase in cycling has been the number of cycles that are stolen each year. The good … Continue reading

On Two Wheels

Bike Week, the annual celebration of all things cycling, takes place between June 10th and 18th this year. There will be activities organised on a national and local level to help to promote the obvious benefits of getting out and about on two wheels and leaving the car at home. The key message is to show how cycling can be a part of everyday life – for example tackling the daily commute by bike, incorporating cycling as part of regular … Continue reading

The Big Pedal 2017 – There’s still time to get the Wheels in Motion

The best way to get children cycling together and getting fit whist also learning the rules of the road is to get on their bikes as part of a cycling initiative. The Big Pedal 2017 is runs from Monday 20th – Friday 31st and if the perfect excuse. This year’s theme is around the world in10 days which incorporates the key parts of the Geography curriculum as well as other subjects. 2017’s initiative is backed by the Olympic gold medallist … Continue reading

Does your town have enough cycle parking spaces?

Do you offer enough cycle parking spaces in your town to allow your residents and tourists to safely and securely park their bikes whilst visiting your town? Offering more cycle parking spaces will encourage more people of all ages to cycle to your town centre, resulting in less congestion on the roads, more available parking spaces and it will also make your town a cleaner, greener environment. Encouraging residents to cycle to work and the local town centre, will offer … Continue reading

Shop and Cycle

There are many benefits to encourage your customers to cycle to your shop or retail park so it’s well worth looking into. Here are some benefits that our retail customers have mentioned to us once they’ve encouraged cycling at their sites. Helping the Environment It’s good for the environment creating less pollution in your local area and also stops there being so much traffic outside your shop – keeping your carpark clearer. Enhancing Wellbeing It is also good for your … Continue reading

Which Cycle Parking is Right for You?

When it comes to purchasing a cycle parking facility for your school or organisation, there are a couple factors that you need to consider to ensure the product you purchase is the most practical solution. Your new cycle storage area will need to fulfil the requirements of the potential users and also fit in with your outside area too. So how do you find the product that will accomplish all of that and more? Well, I have created a handy … Continue reading

Planning your Cycle Parking – Part 3: The Design and Funding

The location and users of your parking solution will help determine which style of cycle parking is most suited to your organisation, however if you need more help deciding we have created a handy flow chart to help you narrow it down further > Cycle Shelters Vs Compounds It is also important to consider the finish you would like on your cycle hoops, shelter, or compound. We recommend the framework is powder coated as a minimum or galvanized and powder coated … Continue reading

Planning your cycle parking – Part 2: Who will use it?

When considering installing cycle parking it’s tempting to go for the cheapest option you find without doing much research. However no matter how cheap your shelter is, if no one uses it or it is too small to help everyone who needs it this can turn out to be a costly mistake. In this blog series we have already looked at how the location can affect the success of your cycle parking initiative. Here are our tips on how to … Continue reading

Taking a closer look at our Cycle Compounds

Cycle Compounds are the perfect solution for organisations that need to offer their staff, visitors or students large amounts of secure cycle parking. They offer fantastic protection from theft, vandalism and the weather keeping cycles dry and avoiding the risk of damage and rust. We currently offer two cycle compounds, both of which are secure, sheltered bike parking facilities that are strong, robust and perfect for many settings. If you’re in need a cycle compound, why not carry on reading … Continue reading