Planning your Cycle Parking – Part 3: The Design and Funding

The location and users of your parking solution will help determine which style of cycle parking is most suited to your organisation, however if you need more help deciding we have created a handy flow chart to help you narrow it down further > Cycle Shelters Vs Compounds It is also important to consider the finish you would like on your cycle hoops, shelter, or compound. We recommend the framework is powder coated as a minimum or galvanized and powder coated … Continue reading

Planning your cycle parking – Part 2: Who will use it?

When considering installing cycle parking it’s tempting to go for the cheapest option you find without doing much research. However no matter how cheap your shelter is, if no one uses it or it is too small to help everyone who needs it this can turn out to be a costly mistake. In this blog series we have already looked at how the location can affect the success of your cycle parking initiative. Here are our tips on how to … Continue reading

Planning your Cycle Parking – Part 1: Location

If you are considering having a new cycle parking solution you want the final product to be suit your needs exactly. The last thing you need is to have a brand new shiny shelter installed only to find no one will use it because it’s not in the right place, or so many people use it that it soon becomes full and not everyone can make use of the new facility. We’ve a series of top tips on how to … Continue reading

Cycle Shelters Vs Cycle Compounds

If you’re considering a sheltered cycle parking solution but are not sure which is best for you can use this simple diagram to find out which is your best option. Alternatively give our friendly Sales Advisors a call and they will go through all your requirements in detail to find the perfect solution for you. Small Cycle Shelters: We have 3 small cycle shelters in our range The Easydale A cost effective space saving option with a stylish curved design, … Continue reading