Find Additional Revenue Streams With School Clubs

It is well known that schools are finding it challenging to balance the books at the moment. Some schools have taken drastic action, such as cutting the school week to four-and-half days a week to save on supply teacher costs to help with budgets. But this is only a temporary solution. Instead of finding ways to save on costs, schools should be looking for ways to increase incomes. While fund raising events for equipment or building projects, like a free … Continue reading

Your Guide to a Cracking Christmas Fair – Part 2

Two weeks ago I brought you ‘Your Guide to a Cracking Christmas fair – part 1’. Well today I am bringing you part two. These tips will help you run a Christmas fair that will succeed, pleasing teachers, students, parents and guests alike. It will also help you raise funds for important projects across your school. If you use these tips for your fair, or any fundraising event, you will find the process and event much easier to manage. Hopefully … Continue reading

Your Guide to a ‘Cracking’ Christmas Fair – Part 1!

Christmas is a traditional time of the year for everyone to get together for charitable events. One of the most popular ones for schools is the annual Christmas fair! They’re also a great place for parents to buy gifts and decorations for Christmas. Here’s a checklist to help you hold a cracking Christmas fair that will brighten up the faces of your guests with joy and raise lots of funds for your PTA. You Need Volunteers Establish who would like … Continue reading

Christmas Fundraising Ideas For 2018

The run up to Christmas is an excellent way to raise funds for projects in the new year. Children, parents and others get really excited about this time of year and it’s traditional to also give to good causes. There are many Christmas fundraising options for your school or preschool that you can try. Here are some of the best. School Fete This is a traditional way to raise funds, and with a fete comes many opportunities for those involved … Continue reading

Last Minute Fundraising Ideas To Help You Out!

Fundraising is such an important part of a school community. However, running the same idea time and again is often counter productive. There are only so many times parents want to participate in non-uniform days, tombolas and raffles. You need to look at new and innovative ways to raise funds for school projects. If you’re struggling for ideas, but want something fairly quick to arrange, here are some last minute fundraising ideas for you. Bike-a-thon Great for exercise and something … Continue reading

Great Outdoor Learning Activities For Springtime

This week was the official start of spring, and this is one of the best times of the year for outdoor learning. Not only are outdoor areas starting to get more colour, the improved weather makes it easier to plan learning activities for outside. There are several options for you to create excellent, fun and educational experiences this spring. Here are a few of our favourite ideas for you to consider. A Fairy Garden Little children love fairies, trolls and … Continue reading

Quick And Easy Fundraising Ideas

Do you need to raise funds for your school, but don’t know how to get started? Raising funds can be challenging, especially if you want to host an event that will engage the students. Many of them might be reluctant with traditional ideas. If you want some ideas, look at our suggestions below: Pop-up Parlour Food is always a best seller and apart from the traditional cake sale, you could try offering ice lollies in warmer weather, or themed food, … Continue reading

Funding for Solar Canopies and Solar Carports

Able Canopies Ltd. Helps Customers Access New EU Funding If you are a small business based in the Kent, Medway, Essex, Thurrock, Southend or East Sussex region then you might be eligible for support for your projects targeting improving energy efficiency and sustainability. Aimed at companies with less than 250 employees, the Low Carbon Across the South East (LoCASE) programme is now operational until spring 2019. LoCASE will provide a consistent, accessible business support programme across the SELEP area. This … Continue reading

Planning a Fundraising Strategy

When you need to raise funds for your school, or charity, you need to create a plan. After all, failing to plan is planning to fail. But do you know how to plan a fundraising strategy? Do you know how much to include? Some plans are just too incomplete. This just wastes your time and can mean you are unable to maximise potential returns for your time. So here is a quick guide to planning your fundraising strategy to get … Continue reading

11 Tips to Secure that Grant

If you’re in the process of planning a big, costly project and it feels like raising the funds will take forever, then it may be time to apply for some grants. We have therefore added 11 top tips below which are well worth a read before you start on that lengthy application form. 1. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work Don’t leave the whole responsibility of applying for the grant to one person. Applying for grants can involve a lot of … Continue reading