Fun Spring Fundraising Ideas

Are you looking to raise funds for new sports equipment, IT infrastructure or a school canopy? With spring comes excellent opportunities to find new ways to fundraise. So here are some fun spring fundraisers that are Covid-19 secure. 1. School Lotteries Every month you can host a school lottery where parents can buy tickets to win one of three prizes. These prizes can be a first, second or third place with corresponding values. You can allow parents to buy as … Continue reading

New Year, New Funding Goals

While 2020 has been a rather challenging and strange year, 2021 could be a year of change. There are still hurdles to overcome when it comes to Covid-19 with some scientists warning it might not be as simple as waiting for spring for it all to be over. Yet, despite all the unknowns that are around the corner, it is important to come up with some school funding goals for your educational setting. Whether you’re seeking funding for new sports … Continue reading

Fundraising During a Lockdown

Fundraising for your school, whether you’re looking to buy a new school canopy or requiring new equipment, is going to be harder this year. The second lockdown in England means that events are unlikely to go ahead and non-essential travel is banned. So, what are the top options for fundraising during these tough times? 1. Raffles Raffles can be run via emails and websites to help you generate more interest. Tickets can be bought online, through your school website and … Continue reading

Organise a Socially Distanced Christmas Market at Your School

Many schools and charities have sadly found raising funds to be extremely difficult this year. Due to social distancing, many events were unable to go ahead however, now the rules have been relaxed a little its time to get creative with your plans. Sometimes a shakeup can be just what your fundraising needs – we can get so stuck doing the ‘same old’ because we know it works, which is fantastic and its great to stick to what works. However, … Continue reading

Five Old-School Fundraising Ideas For This Unique Year

Covid-19 has made it harder for traditional fundraising practices, like school fetes, challenging this year. This doesn’t mean that fundraising for the new school canopy or computer room has to stop however. There are still some old-school fundraising ideas that can be useful for your setting. Here are five old-school fundraising ideas for you this year. 1. Sponsored Reading A classic for most children is offering them a sponsored reading event. Children can be paid per book they read during … Continue reading

Ideas To Turn Your School Website Into A Fundraising Powerhouse

Whether you’re raising funds for a new school canopy or perhaps a new computer room, fundraising in this day and age has become more challenging. Sponsored events, school fetes and other activities have ground to a halt. That doesn’t mean that you’re unable to hold fundraising events, it just means you have to change strategy. One strength of a school that is often ignored is the potential of the school website. Very few educational institutions take advantage of their website … Continue reading

Planning For Winter Fundraising With Social Distancing

Scientists and the government are warning us that there’s a potential of a second wave of Covid-19 coming this winter. And as a result, there is likely to be social distancing for the foreseeable future. That doesn’t stop the need for fundraising for your school. Normally, fundraising would be an event, held indoors, that can sometimes get crowded. Events might include school performances, school winter fetes and other evenings. These could all be put at risk should there be a … Continue reading

How To Fundraise In The Age Of Social Distancing

Just a year ago, fundraising was an easier time. You could organise fun runs, cinema evenings and lots of other activities that could help raise funds for important school investments like school canopies, new computers and more. However, all that has changed. Covid-19 is due to be with us for a long time and the need for schools to invest has not gone away. That’s why school fundraising options need to be found. Fundraising ideas now need to consider social distancing … Continue reading

6 Ways to Raise School Funds During a Lockdown

The current situation has no doubt had a huge impact on your fundraising plans and therefore your funding levels. However, instead of putting your plans on-hold, have you thought about changing them? The COVID-19 pandemic has taught a lot of people, in a lot of different situations to be creative and find alternative ways of achieving their goals. So, how can you raise funds whilst adhering to social distancing during and after a lockdown? Here’s a few ideas to get … Continue reading

Find Additional Revenue Streams With School Clubs

It is well known that schools are finding it challenging to balance the books at the moment. Some schools have taken drastic action, such as cutting the school week to four-and-half days a week to save on supply teacher costs to help with budgets. But this is only a temporary solution. Instead of finding ways to save on costs, schools should be looking for ways to increase incomes. While fund raising events for equipment or building projects, like a free … Continue reading