Why its Important to Plan Autumn Fundraisers Now

It is never too early to start planning school fundraisers! The end of the summer term is a great time to start thinking about projects for the next school year. You can use the time at the end of the school year to think about what purchases could enhance the childrens’ time at school. It is much easier to organise school fundraisers if you have a project in mind. This could be raising funds for playground equipment or a school canopy. Here … Continue reading

Ways to Fundraise at Sports Day

One of the highlights of any school year is the annual sports day. Over the last couple of years, this yearly event has been side-lined due to the pandemic. But this year, restrictions are gone and now is the chance to showcase this fun day. The annual sports day is also a great opportunity for fundraising. There are plenty of opportunities to make saving for your school canopy easy and straight-forward. Here are some of the ideas. 1. Sponsorship One … Continue reading

Ways to Improve Funds Raised from Summer Fairs

There are numerous ways to increase the funds collected from events held at your school. So, in addition to the usual stalls, here are some ways that you can improve summer fair revenues. 1. Competitions You can host competitions on the day such as treasure hunts, quizzes, sports contests and more. Competitors can be charged an entry fee and you can have local brands sponsor teams or the events. They can also provide prizes for the wins. 2. Extra Stalls … Continue reading

Summer Fundraising Events to Consider

Summertime is just around the corner and between May and July, there are plenty of ways that you can raise funds for your school. Whether you want to add a new school canopy or refresh the sporting equipment at your school, here are some fun summer fundraising events that you can host. 1. Outdoor Cinema Outdoor cinemas are a great option for those looking to host a single event. You can select a good film that is appropriate for your … Continue reading

How to Use Social Media for Fundraising

When it comes to raising funds for your education setting, you need to utilise all the available technology. Social media is a great option for fundraising. Here are some options on how to use social media for fundraising. 1. Advertise Events Whether it is the summer fair or a sponsored walk, you can use your social media channels to promote these events. This can improve the exposure of the events and bring in more people to attend them. In addition, … Continue reading

Free Outdoor Equipment of up to £500 for Schools

Not only is the cost of living increasing dramatically, but overheads are also increasing for schools too and it seems that everywhere you go, you are met with price increases. Luckily for you, we’re always on the lookout for grants that you may be entitled to, and we’ve found one that we knew you’d want to know about. Would You Like Free Outdoor Equipment up to the Value of £500? Of course you do! With the Local School Nature Grants … Continue reading

How to Improve your Easter Egg Hunt

An Easter Egg hunt is an excellent way for you to raise funds for a new computer room, PE equipment or school canopy. Children will love the idea of getting active and trying to find a chocolate egg but just being let loose can be upsetting for children who don’t find a single egg. So here are some ideas on how to improve an Easter egg hunt at your school. 1. Create a Storyline Approach Instead of creating an egg … Continue reading

Stalls to Have at your Next Fundraising Fair

Fundraising is an exciting time. Whether you’re raising funds for your school canopy or a new computer suite, a fair is a great option. This one could be for a season, like Easter or you could just host a fair for fun. At each fair there are several stalls which should always be there because people expect them. So, here are the stalls you should always have. 1. Raffle The first stall that you need is a raffle stall. This … Continue reading

How to Encourage Children to be Interested in Fundraising

There are numerous ways that you can get your children interested in your school’s fundraising programmes. Whether you’re looking to fund a new IT lab or a school canopy or perhaps you’re looking to support a local good cause, children should be part of the process to make the fundraising more fun for them. So here are some ideas to make them more interested in your fundraising. 1. Get them Involved in your Planning Stages The first thing that you … Continue reading

How Email Marketing can Help with Fundraising

Fundraising is an ongoing job that needs to be done all the time. Whether you’re raising funds for a specific project like new sports equipment or a school canopy, or you’re looking just to raise funds for the school in general, then you need to host lots of events throughout the year. One of the tools that’s often not used within fundraising is email marketing. However, there are lots of great benefits of using this communications tool to raise funds. … Continue reading