8 Ideas for Teaching Outstanding Lessons in Primary Schools

When it comes to creating an outstanding lesson, there are many variations because we all have different opinions of what makes a lesson outstanding. Also, different things work for different teachers and pupils, this plays a big part of how effective a lesson is. I have listed some ideas that you may choose to incorporate into your existing or new outstanding lesson plans to help make the lessons even more effective! 1. Remember everyone learns differently Each child within your … Continue reading

Uses for a canopy – No 1. Sandpit Cover

A canopy makes a great outdoor play or classroom area, and they are often also utilised as outdoor eating areas. However there are many other uses for a canopy. A useful one – particularly for Early Years and organisations which have lay areas for young children is using your canopy to protect and shade your sandpit. Not only will this keep children playing in the sand pit protected from the sun, and keep the sand cool and comfortable to play … Continue reading

What Could You Do Under Your Canopy?

There are many different activities that our canopies can be used for however in this blog post I go through just a few of what our customers have gone on to use their canopies for: Outdoor Learning Canopies The majority of our education customers use their canopies as outdoor classrooms to offer them an extended workspace that can be used all year round and still benefit from an outside environment. Primary Outdoor Classroom: St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Haywards … Continue reading

How to… Get the Most Out of Your Canopy Post 03

… For educational environments. In the first two posts of the How to… Get the Most out of Your Canopy series, we brought you ideas for ways in which you can use your canopy for events, then we went through how you can use your canopy for storing items such as seating and play equipment. Before I continue with the third inclusion of this series, remember you can download the full guide now FREE by clicking here > How to… … Continue reading

How to… Get the Most Out of Your Canopy Post 02

…For educational environments Last week we brought you the first idea from the guide which was to use your canopy for events, this week I am going to give you your second idea which is… to use your canopy for storing equipment. If you would like to read the full guide now, you can download it free by clicking here > How to… Get the Most out of Your Canopy Guide < Don’t forget, our full, downloadable guide includes loads of … Continue reading

How to… Get the Most out of Your Canopy Guide

…For educational environments Your canopy has many uses – more than you might think. Not only can you use your canopy to shade your staff and children from the sun and to protect them from the rain, you can also use it to provide shelter at outdoor events, or to store play equipment out of the rain, plus much more. Our How to… Get the Most out of Your Canopy guide does “exactly what it says on the tin”! It … Continue reading