Finding Fresh Air in the Winter

The thought of taking lessons outside in the winter can be rather daunting. If you’re the type of person that feels the cold and avoids the winter air, you may be surprised at how much both you and your pupils can actually enjoy it. The key to enjoying time outside during the colder season is preparation – make sure you all have warm clothes and where possible layer up; gloves, scarfs hats coats and jumpers will keep you warm and … Continue reading

Celebrate the Spring Equinox in School

The Spring Equinox officially brings us out of winter and starts the season of Spring, it is one of the four greatest solar festivals of the year. It is also an exciting time and the change of the seasons is an important subject for children to learn. On 20th March when the Spring Equinox occurs, dayand night will be equal and there are a number of ways that your pupils can celebrate this natural event at school. Read on for … Continue reading

Bring The Outside – Inside

There are many benefits for playing outside, whatever the weather. But that doesn’t mean that you can be outside all the time. December, January and February can sometimes be challenging times for outside play, not least because the rain can make outside areas slippery. Yet that doesn’t mean your outside area is completely redundant. In fact, you can take items from the outside and bring them into you classroom to continue outside learning even during these wet, cold winter months. … Continue reading

Outside Learning Supports Classroom Work

When you’re looking for learning opportunities, outside time is often forgotten or ignored. Normally this is because there’s a significant pressure on teachers to use classrooms and technology. But outside learning can be a valuable partner in your learning schedule. There are several reasons why this is the case, including: Stress reduction There is a lot research showing stress in the classroom for both students and teachers is rising. Yet being in nature is also used in a lot of … Continue reading

Could Forest School Be Useful For You?

Did you know that nearly three out of every four children don’t play for one hour outside each day? Considering the significant benefits of outdoor play, it’s amazing more children don’t. Children might not go outside because they struggle to see the potential experiences and adventure available. This is where forest school can help. Forest school becomes an exciting third educator and can support learning in many ways. Children can learn fine motor skills, promote independence and help to raise … Continue reading

How to have safe fun in the sun this year

Hello, I am Shade Man and I am here to help you with sun safety. The good guys at Able Canopies have given me this space to tell you about this year’s Sun Safety campaign and to highlight some of the reasons to get involved. If you are a teacher then we hope this year’s campaign will give you ideas and practical help to make being safe in the sun a fun and engaging topic for your pupils. Our Sun … Continue reading

How to Incorporate Music into Your Lessons

Introducing music into your lessons can have wonderful effects on your pupils. As I’m sure you’re aware, music can quickly change your mood as songs can make memories and the feelings associated with those memories arise. They can soothe you, excite you comfort you, uplift you and make you dance! A foot tap can soon turn into a full-blown dance routine when the right song comes on the radio… How can I incorporate this into my day to day lessons? … Continue reading

Playing Together Helps Children Develop

Socialising skills do not always come naturally to children. In fact, most children need to learn at least some social skills while growing up and some of the basic work needs to start at preschool. Research has demonstrated the positive impact good social skills have on a child’s future. Not only are they more likely to be able to deal with inter-personal conflicts, but they can also be more academic and resilient. This can often mean that they are more … Continue reading

Children Learn Better Outside: Get Undercover

Continuing from previous entries in our ‘Children Learn Better Outside’ series, we thought we would talk about the importance of cover for your outdoor space and the options available. We know that playing outdoors is important. It helps children connect with the natural world and provides endless opportunities for creative games and roleplay. Outdoor play can also improve fitness and physical development. Emotionally, children can also develop better with outdoor play. Children are often less inhibited outside and are more … Continue reading

Outdoor Classroom Day – May 18

This important day in the school calendar has grown in size and scale since it was set up in 2011. It is now a globally recognised event with many hundreds of schools taking part across the world. The day celebrates the opportunities that can be given to children through learning and playing outdoors and how powerful those experiences can be. Being outdoors stimulates imaginations, inspires creativity and encourages social interaction and team working. There are numerous options to give a … Continue reading