10 Fun Outdoor Summer Lessons

Summer is a great time to take students outside to learn more about the world and provide them with a different environment for learning. Research has shown that lessons outdoors have several benefits. They are more memorable and offer physical and health benefits. So what are some fun outdoor summer lessons? Here are ten options for you to try. 1. Bug HuntThe summer months are great for bug hunts. You can task the children to find and identify creatures throughout … Continue reading

Summer Science Activities to Inspire Students

Science experiments outside are a great way to inspire students to learn. Outside learning is very beneficial. It is known to improve confidence, increase attention and be more fun for students. So, what are the best summer science activities that you can conduct at your school? Here are some of the options for you. 1. Water Evaporation Levels One easy experiment is to have water evaporation tests across the school. You can place cups of water in various areas like … Continue reading

Geography Lesson Ideas for Forest Schools

There are numerous ways that forest schools can enhance learning within classes. Geography can have lots of classes taught within the forest school setting within your area. Here are some classic ideas for you. 1. Teaching About Changes to Environment The first thing to do is to teach about the different environments that forests offer. You can talk about how forests contribute to the local environment, including how they can help with drainage, provide cover from the rain and homes … Continue reading

How to Move History Classes Outside

History is one subject that is often left to the classroom, however, there are ways that you can take your subject matter outside. From using your school canopy to taking a walk in the local area, here are some ideas on how you can move your history classes outside. 1. Take a Walk While world events are very important, local history should also be a focus. There’s probably lots of history that you can explore on a local walk that … Continue reading

5 Outdoor Lesson Ideas To Inspire

Here are 5 great ideas to take learning outside this winter. Art – Playground Art If you have chosen to study a particular artist this term, encourage the children to emanate the style in chalk on the playground. This will allow them to explore the patterns and style used by the artist, informally.PE – Animal YogaOn the field, have a session of animal yoga. Encourage the children to observe nature around them and recreate the movements. They could be birds … Continue reading

Five Outdoor Activities That Can Help Children Learn About Nature

There are a lot of changes in nature that are going to come about this term, so it’s the perfect time for children to get involved in outdoor activities. When completing tasks outside, children often have a better recollection of the time, build more positive memories and improve their mental health. This time of year is also perfect for learning about nature. Whether that is about the local wildlife, the life cycle of plants or the weather, here are some … Continue reading

Five Positives Of Outside Learning For Children

In recent years, more children have been keeping themselves indoors and not learning about the environment that is literally on their doorstep. Even in schools, a lot of learning still takes place in classrooms. Yet children should be encouraged to interact with nature and learn more outside. There are several benefits to outside learning that can help children become more rounded individuals that can provide more opportunities as they grow up. So what are the five benefits of more outside … Continue reading

How Reading Outdoors Can Be Beneficial In Summer Weather

Reading outside has numerous benefits over that of reading inside. For one, children are often active for short term bouts and then require a rest. By taking a book outside when they are playing or doing outside learning, it allows you to switch activities when children need rest to recuperate. Picking The Right Spot One of the most important aspects of reading outside is ensuring that children are in the right spot to sit and listen. While sitting on a … Continue reading

Outdoor Homework Learning Ideas

Learning isn’t just about the lessons and the ideas students take from teachers in the classroom or under the school canopy. Learning opportunities are everywhere for children and home learning, whether formal or informal, is a great way for you to cement the ideas taught in school. During holidays, like half terms or even longer breaks, children should also be encouraged to continue some form of learning. Yet they should also be encouraged to be outside. So here are some … Continue reading

Plant Power: Planting Flowers & Vegetables in Schools

Schools have been doing it for years; sending their pupils home with a sunflower plant that they’ve grown from seed however, have you ever thought about growing flowers or vegetables with your pupils on a larger scale? There’s lots of ways you can go about it depending on the usable outdoor space you and your pupils have access to, and it’s important to ensure that whatever way you do decide to go about it, that every pupil can take part. … Continue reading