Setting up shop

There has been a fair bit of distressing news for the UK retail sector in recent months. We have seen profit warnings, store closures and well-known brands being wiped off the high street. As an antidote to that doom and gloom we have been pleased to be involved in a new retailing project that has seen us design a new canopy structure that will add practical, flexible retailing space to a commercial site. We based the design of this new … Continue reading

Made To Measure Canopies

Your company’s building and outdoor space is unique. How you use them is going to be different from other organisations; even those in the same industry. This individuality makes you special and is the reason why your customers pick your products or services over those of your competitors. Offering a variety of products and services enables you to provide different experiences for your customers so they can choose the best option for them. Offering this variety is a necessary challenge … Continue reading

Our Process from Enquiry to Quotation

We often have enquiries where customers would like a quotation without a free site survey, but in order to be able to offer you a quotation that is as accurate as possible, a site survey will nearly always be required. A site survey allows us to see not only if your area is suitable to fix your chosen structure to, but also to see if there are any obstructions that may affect the quote, the type of wall we are … Continue reading

Canopies for Car or Motorbike Showrooms

If you are running a retail business that needs outdoor display space such as a car or motorcycle dealership, it’s important to be able to display your vehicles in a comfortable and protected environment. The look of the vehicle is of the utmost importance. If your customers don’t think the car or bike looks great; they won’t buy it. So what can you do? A canopy for your outside display area can be one option for your business. Here are some … Continue reading

Shopping Trolley Shelters for Supermarkets and Large Stores

While not often thought of as being one of the key components to increasing your company’s revenue: shopping trolley shelters can add to the buying experience and revenue of your supermarket or large store. Recently the UK has suffered from numerous wet periods and last year was no difference. According to the MET office it was the sixth wettest on record with rainfall 12% higher than average. The summer was particularly rain soaked, especially in the north of England, East … Continue reading

Cycle Shelters for Shops

Cycle Shelters will encourage your staff and customers to cycle to your shop which will result in a number of benefits not only to your business but also to your customers, your town/village and the world! If less people are driving their cars and more people are cycling which produces zero emissions, you will be helping towards saving the planet. You will also find that the more people that cycle instead of driving will reduce the amount of traffic in … Continue reading

The Coniston – Ideal in any Setting

The Coniston canopy is a real favourite amongst our staff and customers alike. Here at Able Canopies we love how versatile it is and how it can help our customers create their ideal outdoor area at a reasonable price. Our customers love it due to its versatility as well – due to its design it can easily be fixed around corners, or cover uneven ground and incorporate alcoves and other building design features. Our Coniston canopy is very popular with … Continue reading

Protect Your Outdoor Sales Area with a Canopy

For businesses such as Car sales, Garden Centres and Builder’s Merchants an outdoor sales area is essential to your business – giving you a large area to show your products in situ, display them fully, or simply to allow you to have more room to display your entire product range. By installing a canopy over your outdoor area you can allow this area to be used all year round and enhance your customer’s buying or browsing experience. For garden centres … Continue reading

Providing Covered Disability Access to your building

If your organisation is open to the public it is important that provision is made to enable anyone who has a disability to enter the building. This is also the case if you have a private building yet have members of staff who have disabilities which prevent them entering the building easily. Adapting your building to provide means of entry for all levels of mobility often involves installing a ramp – particularly if you are modifying existing buildings. As using … Continue reading

Walk this way – the benefits of covered walkways

A covered walkway can often been seen as a luxury product, particularly by schools and organisations with limited funds. This is a fair observation and it certainly is true that your site will be able to function without a walkway. However, the benefits a walkway brings to a site often far outweigh the initial cost. Not only can it link your site together, providing an integrated feel to your setting, it can also improve the experience of your staff, students, … Continue reading