Things are heating up for solar panels

It is a bit of a recurring theme for this blog for us to talk about the opportunities that solar power gives your project and how our canopies and expertise can help you turn those prospects into real, energy generating installations. We are aware that us talking about ourselves in relation to solar technology can get a bit monotonous so we were very pleased to hear somebody else’s news about the plans for the largest carport in the country. It … Continue reading

The 3 valuable things you didn’t know about solar carports and canopies

Solar energy is a well-established technology with proven cost and environmental benefits. We have all seen fields with rows and rows of panels soaking up the sun. So far, so familiar. What happens though when your site is not conducive to the straight forward application of solar panels in a field or on a roof? How can you still meet your corporate social responsibility requirements, bring benefit to customers and employees and gain financially as well? There are three benefits … Continue reading

Head Office Expansion for Able Canopies – the canopy experts!

Here at Able Canopies we are continuously expanding to meet the needs of our growing customer base and our latest venture is the expansion of our Head Office in Clacton on Sea, Essex. The opportunity to expand came about when the company occupying the adjacent unit decided to move premises. We jumped at the chance to take over the unit, increasing our warehouse capacity from 242sqm to 379sqm. This will allow us to stock additional raw materials which in turn … Continue reading

Canopies that cover SEN School Requirements.

All schools have strict health and safety rules they have to abide by for the safety of their pupils. But when it comes to SEN schools, there are further essential requirements that need to be followed in order to make sure the environment is safe and easy to use for all pupils. This is not only for their safety but to ensure they feel valued and important and that their disability is not an inconvenience. Everyone, no matter what situation … Continue reading

The Benefits of Solar Canopies

Solar canopies are one of emerging ways that organisations are improving their facilities. There are many benefits of solar canopies that make them very attractive for companies and these can be realised both in the short and long term. So what are these benefits and what impact could they have on your operations? 1. Lower Cost of Energy One of the main reasons why businesses and nonprofits install solar canopies on their premises is because they will instantly reduce the … Continue reading

New Range of Solar Canopies

We have just launched a fantastic new range of canopies that generate free solar energy for your school or company! The solar canopies within our new range consist of the Grange Mono-Pitch Solar Canopy, the Grange Apex Solar Canopy, the Kensington Mono-Pitch Solar Canopy and the Kensington Dual-Pitch Solar Canopy. Solar Canopies are a fantastic addition to any outside area as not only do they offer shade and shelter to your staff, pupils and visitors, they also generate free electricity … Continue reading

Our best year ever!

It really has been a bumper year for Able Canopies! With our year-end results now in, we are pleased to announce that we have achieved a 59% increase in turnover, which is a huge success and a testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone we have working here at Able Canopies. I’d like to thank all our customers for their continued support throughout the year, and for helping to make this our best year ever! Expanding our Expertise … Continue reading

Made to Measure Canopies

Our canopies are all made to measure and bespoke to your needs. We manufacture our canopies in-house, therefore allowing us to create a canopy in the dimensions that you require as long as they are structurally viable. The Coniston wall mounted canopy for example can be manufactured to be more than just a rectangle or square canopy here’s why… Internal and External Corners Our canopies can be made to follow the shape of your building even if it means going … Continue reading

5 Schools with Great Outdoor Play & Learning Areas

The great outdoors gives children an exciting new environment to explore outside the classroom, encouraging them to be active and also giving them a chance to connect with nature and their environment. Keeping this outdoor area vibrant and full of resources is a great way to encourage children outdoors to take advantage of the many benefits it brings. Over the years we have installed many canopies (thousands in-fact; click here to see our impressive installations map) at schools as part … Continue reading