How the Fire Safety Regulations in High Rise Buildings Affects Projects with Balconies

Since Dame Judith Hackitt filed her report for the Government in May 2018, awareness has increased dramatically regarding the risk of combustible materials used in high-rise buildings. So much so that as a result, a new regulation was set in place on 21st December 2018 which meant that combustible materials will not be permitted on the external walls and features of new buildings over 18m high containing flats. This also applies to new hospitals, residential care premises, dormitories in boarding … Continue reading

Fire Resistant Balcony Decking for Architects and Developers

I’d be very surprised if you haven’t heard about the recent tragedies that have sadly covered our news screens in recent years regarding fires in public and residential buildings including blocks of flats. This has rightfully so lead to new regulations being set out by the governing bodies to increase the fire safety within such buildings, dramatically reducing the risk of future tragedies occurring. The new regulations cover many materials and includes those used on balconies. We have therefore introduced … Continue reading