5 Myths of BIM demystified

When any new process or way of working begins to take hold in an industry there will always be a fog of myth and misinformation that forms around it. Change brings resistance and with it reasons not to embrace the new world. Many of these arguments will have no basis in truth. It is like that with BIM, or Building Information Modelling to give it its full name. Even though it really came to prominence 15 years ago there is … Continue reading

The 3 C’s of BIM – Cost savings, Collaboration opportunities & Clash detection

The NBS BIM Library is expanding every day as more approved BIM Objects are added. For architects, contractors and manufacturers there are many benefits in this new world of Building Information Modelling (BIM). The three key opportunities are: Cost and time savings The NBS BIM Library allows architects to select products and effectively ‘build the project, before they build the project’. This saves time on product assessment and decision making, reduces costs by minimising errors and will increase efficiencies in … Continue reading

Find our products in the NBS BIM Library.

We are pleased to announce that our canopy and shelter products have been added to the NBS BIM Library. There are 70 BIM objects currently available for architects and contractors to access, helping their planning and specifying, with more being added every week. This excellent resource is just a part of the way that BIM (Building Information Modelling) will transform the construction industry. We will have more to say about this revolutionary approach in the coming weeks. For now, if … Continue reading