Make your Early Years setting stand out from the crowd

Win over prospective customers with the provision of safe and secure buggy storage. The addition of a buggy shelter to your nursery or children’s centre could help encourage parents to choose your setting as the place send their children. Those who live locally will find it especially useful as it will mean they don’t need to push an empty buggy home with them. And those who come from farther afield don’t have to worry about fitting the buggy back into … Continue reading

How to create a vibrant and inspiring outdoor learning area under your canopy

A canopy creates a dry and shaded area which can be used for many things, from a relaxing place to eat or drink in a restaurant or park to a sheltered outdoor learning area allowing children to be taught in a more informal classroom without the worry of what the weather is doing. For Early Years and Primary school settings, creating an environment this is colourful and stimulating is key to making an area children will enjoying learning in. Here … Continue reading

Enhance your Children’s Centre with a Canopy

Children’s centre canopies are an essential investment because they offer so much to the children you care for. Many of our customers have commented on how their canopies “open a world of opportunities” and how they “transform provision for teaching”. Canopies encourage outdoor play – Although most children love to play outside, the general lifestyle of the nation has changed over the years and many children are finding themselves stuck indoors watching television and playing computer games – even from … Continue reading

Top 7 reasons why a canopy improves an Early Years setting

Due to Ofsted recommendations, providing a sheltered outdoor area is fast becoming a must-have addition to a nursery or pre-school environment. Installing a canopy is a perfect and easy way to provide sheltered outside space which will help you conform to Ofsted requirements. But pleasing Ofsted isn’t the only benefit you’ll get from providing a sheltered outdoor space with a canopy…here are just some of the reasons to incorporate one into your setting: The Benefits 1. Easy Free-Flow Play You … Continue reading