Playing Out In The Rain

With the weather becoming wetter throughout the country, outside time is becoming less attractive to small children. It’s cold, wet, and at times we put less toys outside to play with because of the risk. However, there are reasons why you should encourage more outside play. Different Textures Playing outside during wet, rainy weather is completely different to play when it’s hot and sunny. These different experiences can help with learning co-ordination and sensory development. Different textures can also be … Continue reading

Product Update: Ullswater Apex

The Ullswater Apex Free Standing Canopy is a long-standing product that has been in our range since the beginning. It is a robust structure that provides effective weather protection and fits in particularly well with more traditional style environments, while still looking great in modern settings too. We are always looking at ways to further improve our products and we have decided to give you more choices when it comes to the faithful Ullswater Apex. You can now choose from two … Continue reading

Outside Learning Supports Classroom Work

When you’re looking for learning opportunities, outside time is often forgotten or ignored. Normally this is because there’s a significant pressure on teachers to use classrooms and technology. But outside learning can be a valuable partner in your learning schedule. There are several reasons why this is the case, including: Stress reduction There is a lot research showing stress in the classroom for both students and teachers is rising. Yet being in nature is also used in a lot of … Continue reading

Sunshine and Showers

I cannot believe I’ve only just realised it’s currently #SunAwarenessWeek! Although I’ve maybe missed the boat on this one as it’s currently Friday, I truly believe that every week is a great week to raise awareness and educate children on the effects of the sun. With this in mind, I thought I’d look into some good old British weather stats and they’re actually pretty interesting… It’ll be no surprise to see that out of England, Scotland and Wales, in 2017 … Continue reading

Hitting the Big Time

We are immensely proud of all our installations but there are always the unique ones that stand out a little more than the others. They might be the one where we get to use a new material for the first time or have had to overcome the challenges of a difficult site, or maybe we’ve had to develop a unique fixing to finish a job successfully. And sometimes it’s just because the project is big. In the world of canopies, size … Continue reading

Encouraging teamwork in outdoor play

Learning is an essential part of preschool and much of this time is spent learning about the environment, maths, language and science. However, learning to interact with others is just as important, and teamwork is an aspect of that process. Effective teamwork will help children throughout their education – forming study groups, completing group tasks and then going on into their adult working lives. It can also promote compassion and awareness of the emotional needs of others – making social … Continue reading

The Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy

If you are looking for a reliable, robust and safe canopy that will seamlessly blend into your current premises, then there is no better product than our Coniston wall mounted canopy. It is one of our most popular products available because it is both versatile, durable and can be of unlimited length. Longevity When you buy a canopy, you need to know that it will last a long time to ensure that your investment is worthwhile. Our Coniston wall mounted canopy, like … Continue reading

Disability Access Canopies

It is a legal requirement that any development or building work must consider enabling access for people with disabilities. The Equality Act 2010, makes it clear that it is the responsibility of the service provider to make these changes where appropriate, and this can include access points. One of the products that Able Canopies provides helps schools, leisure facilities and retailers to meet these requirements while still looking stylish and professional. The Disabled Access Canopy isn’t just there to provide … Continue reading

Turn A New Leaf

Lessons taken outside are often centred on a core set of activities: bug hunts, plant identification, habitats or seasonal changes. It is often hard to conjure up lessons that go beyond these: but that needn’t be the case. Numerous lessons can be taken outside, and these are going to be more memorable, enjoyable and can be more relevant. For instance, studying the water cycle can be a great practical lesson on the playground after rain. Your students could see in … Continue reading

Offer More Freedom With An Outdoor Classroom/Canopy

Children love to play outside. It helps them understand the world around them and it’s more enjoyable. Even in the coldest weather, there are important lessons to be taught outside and fun to be had. But the wettest weather can sometimes dampen the spirits of children and restrict their learning. In the past, it might have been normal to declare limited use of outdoor space on wet weather days, but this is not the case now outdoor space is being … Continue reading