Calculating the ideal installation

Shane Jerram, Operations Director at Able Canopies discusses the importance of site-specific calculations to ensure each canopy meets all the relevant performance and safety standards.   There are a range of canopy products on the market to upgrade outdoor spaces into usable, safe areas in all weather conditions. The requirements for each job can vary depending on the end user needs – and to ensure the most suitable solution is installed, the specific site and potential weather conditions should always be … Continue reading

Our 5 Minutes of Fame

Okay so we’re not famous however, we did have the pleasure of installing at a famous school and we’d be lying if we said we wasn’t a little excited about it! As big fans of ‘The Inbetweeners’, installing at the site that it was filmed, was something everyone at the office and onsite was talking about and we do love a little bit of excitement here at Able Canopies Ltd. HQ. The staff at Ruislip Community High School in Middlesex … Continue reading