Eastbrook Secondary School Increase their Dining Capacity into the Outdoors

Eastbrook Primary School who are an existing customer of ours, having installed two Coniston Wall Mounted Canopies at the school last year, required another canopy at their secondary school which is on the same site. The Director from Living Architects who we have also worked with in the past, contacted us asking for a quotation for a large timber canopy to provide a covered dining area at the school in Dagenham, Essex. The canopy the architect chose for the project … Continue reading

Extending Dining Space with Canopies for Social Distancing

With the prospect of children gradually being introduced back into schools, Headteachers are looking for ways to extend specific spaces such as those where children will gather. One of those places is the school dining hall. You may think the most obvious option to achieve this would be to extend your school building however, that would be extremely costly, and the timeframe would too slow. A much more cost-effective option that will work perfectly with your time frame is a … Continue reading

Sandown Bay Academy Unveils New All-Weather Canopy

The winter weather affects us all, but it won’t be a problem for pupils at Sandown Bay Academy. The completion of a brand new 23 metre freestanding pyramid canopy at the school ensures students can forget about the wind, rain and snow and enjoy the outdoors all year round. Home to more than 1600 pupils, the school has been a specialist sports college since 2004, and became a specialist science college in 2009. After achieving sporting success, high standards and pioneering leadership … Continue reading