Sun Safety Tips For Your Educational Setting

With summer on its way, comes the hot sun. Sunshine is a great stimulus for outside play and all summer long children enjoy playing their favourite games in your gardens, playgrounds and outside at home. However, the hot summer sun also presents some dangers. UV damage is one of the biggest problems. Children can also struggle with getting too hot. So, here are our suggestions for sun safety in schools. Use Shaded Areas Regularly One of the first things you … Continue reading

Risk Versus Benefit: Learning Through Challenging Play

Children love to play games with an element of risk, but adults tend to prefer that they don’t. While health and safety is a keyword in educational provisions, it can also be misleading. We must protect children from dangers, but we shouldn’t be afraid to let them experience the thrill of risky playtime. Learning And Development Risky playtime is a way for children to develop both their physical and mental skills. Learning to climb trees, for example, is great physical … Continue reading

Canopy or Awning – What is best for your school

Canopies and awnings are both shade structures, however they offer different benefits. In order to work out what structure would best suited your needs, you will need to establish what features are important to you. Awnings Awnings are covered with high quality fabric and offer shade and protection from the Sun but it is advisable not to use them in moderate-high winds or rain. Awnings can be retracted when not in use and do not have any posts, so if … Continue reading

9 Mistakes to avoid when running your PTA

1. Assuming all parents are alike Not all parents will be motivated by the same things – if you are finding people are shying away from taking part you may need to change your approach. Try to explain why it’s important for them be involved and what you hope to achieve. Accept all offers of help even just an hour can make a difference, and if they enjoy it they may also offer more help. And most importantly always make … Continue reading

Food Glorious Food – Serve Food Safely at your Fundraising Event

When it comes to serving food at your fundraising event there are many questions that you may not know the answer to and certain topics that may worry you slightly. That’s why it’s best to check these things out. We have listed below a few topics that many PTA members often question when it comes to serving food at a fundraising event. Please note the below advice is a for guidance only, please contact the relevant organisations such as the … Continue reading

8 Top tips to make your first PTA meeting count

The beginning of the school year is a key time for you PTA; it’s the perfect time to get the new parents who are keen to be involved in their child’s new school community interested in your group. If you want to turn these new faces into regular faces, or at least occasional volunteers, you have prepare your first meeting, and subsequent meetings to ensure these parents become supporters and helpers who will be there through thick and thin. The … Continue reading

Our Top Tips for Applying for Grants

Sometimes, the funds you generate from fundraising just don’t add up to be enough for your planned project. Grants can still take a while to process and there is still effort that needs to be put in however, large grants allow you to make the changes you need to your establishment generally quicker than it can sometimes take to raise the funds with fundraising events. There are many charities and organisations out there that offer grants for nurseries, schools and … Continue reading

How to run a successful PTA meeting

With the start of the new school year, new members who are keen and full of ideas may have joined your committee, and these enthusiastic new members are key to ensuring your PTA continues to be a success. So it’s very important to ensure they receive a great impression of your PTA meetings so that they stay on board even when the going gets tough! A well run PTA meeting will retain the commitment from its members – which is … Continue reading

Your Canopy Checklist

Choosing a canopy company and the type of canopy that would suit your needs best is an important part of the canopy buying process. You need to know if the company that you plan to purchase a shade structure from is a reputable company that offers the sales and care service that you require. To avoid choosing the wrong company or structure make sure you check through this list. Does the Company Offer: A choice of canopy & shelter products … Continue reading

How to write a successful funding application

A lot of our customers – particularly Teachers and Nursery Managers contact us because they would like one of our products but they only have a very limited budget. One way to top up your available budget is to apply for funding grants – there are many funding providers and grant schemes out there, and we regularly update our Funding Advice pages with the latest funding opportunities. Once you have decided on the correct organisations to approach it’s time to … Continue reading