Four Plastic-Free Easter Crafts for Schools

Is the use of plastic with your seasonal crafts starting to play on your mind now that the media are showing us just how bad our single use plastic lifestyle is affecting the environment? If so then that’s brilliant, just remember you can still help your pupils create fun, seasonal crafts that they can take home to their parents or keep at school. There’s an abundance of eco-friendly seasonal activities and crafts you can make with your pupils and as … Continue reading

Getting Children Out In Nature

Nature and time outside is long linked to lower levels of stress. The great outdoors is also a great learning opportunity. Children should be spending time outside, even in the coldest weather, and their enthusiasm can be inspiring. Using a range of environments outside can broaden experiences and learning opportunities for children. Organising lessons in fields, forest schools or under glass canopies can really help you provide a wide learning experience that caters for numerous learning preferences and styles. Yet, … Continue reading

How To Make Outdoor Role-Play Areas Work

Role-play is a great way for children to learn, play and develop. Children naturally like to emulate what they see on television, what their parents do, and copy what they’ve read in books. Children can benefit from role-play in several ways; including: Development of creativity and imagination. Enrich language and use of communications. Develop social and emotional skills. Enhance physical development. Unfortunately, many don’t see this. Some experts have come across parents who reject role-play as just a way for … Continue reading

Embrace The Outside! Learning Using Everything That Is Outside

When it comes to learning, the outdoors can be a great classroom. There are numerous elements that can be incorporated into lessons that help children develop their mental well being, understanding of the world and physical abilities. Here are some of the ways that you can use the outdoors to enhance learning in your educational settings. Sounds Any outdoor space is noisy. There are animals, passing traffic, people and other elements that can make for interesting learning points. Spend time … Continue reading

Play & Learn Outside | May 2019 | Issue 1.5

Welcome to the May edition of Play & Learn Outdoors. Spring has settled in and summer is on it’s way, so put the kettle on and have a quick read through the inspirational articles inside. In this issue we have listed some fantastic national dates coming up that your school can take part in, a host of outdoor learning ideas and it wouldn’t be an edition of P&LO without our popular fundraising ideas and tips. To view our latest newsletter, please see below or click here … Continue reading

Five Stick Games To Play Outside That Can Teach Kids Maths

Sticks have long been an important toy from outside that children have used in games, crafts and other play. They can also be used in education in your setting. By utilising sticks, you can tap into the desire to play with them that children instinctively have and also have multiple lessons available from just one abundant resource. Here are five games to play outside with sticks that can teach kids maths. Counting A simple game, give children loads of sticks and … Continue reading

How To Make Your Space Work For Your Children

Space is at a premium when it comes to childcare settings. You want to maximise the activities available to all the children, but want to limit the amount of equipment available so it isn’t too overwhelming. Getting this balance right can make a big difference. Children who feel overwhelmed, or even underwhelmed, are more prone to disruptive behaviour and don’t learn as effectively. So how can you make your space work for you? Here are some tips to ensure you … Continue reading

How Nature Can Help With Mindfulness In Your Early Years Setting

Mindfulness is not just a trend, it’s a useful practice that’s as good for children as it is for adults. A growing amount of scientific research has found that attention can increase with the right mindfulness. In addition, good routines can help reduce stress and regulate emotions in children. Research has also shown that mindfulness can help with social skills, emotions can be better controlled, and children who practice regular mindfulness show more compassion and empathy. Children who have problems … Continue reading

An Outdoor Treasure Hunt – Creating Conversation Through Discoveries

The outdoors is abundant in learning opportunities. Some of these opportunities are so common that they pass us by. However, for children, the outdoors is one of the greatest sources of learning, both about the world around them and for developing their senses, awareness, speech and social skills. Consider any outdoor space, this could be a park, wood, beach or an outdoor space in your setting. There are lots of resources in those areas that children can interact with and … Continue reading

The Outdoor Environment – The Perfect Place For Young Minds And Senses

There is no hiding the fact that an outdoor space at any early years location is a great asset. Children love being outside, whether they are finding bugs hiding in the undergrowth, or pretending to be a superhero. Their play and learning outside is stimulating and memorable. The outdoors can be used in many ways to improve the sensory learning of your children. Here are a few outside activities they can engage in and what you can do to enhance … Continue reading