Young Minds Learning With Minibeasts

Young children are always interested in life around them. They can get excited by a group of ants on a pavement, a butterfly on a flower, or a worm in some mud. Insects and other invertebrates can be an interesting way to spark curiosity in young minds and for them to learn, so they should be part of your learning. There are so many ways that you can incorporate minibeasts into your learning. Here are some of the lessons you … Continue reading

Five Reasons Forest School Is Great For Your Setting

In recent years forest schools have helped children with their learning. They are great platforms for younger minds. If your setting doesn’t yet have a forest school, here are five reasons you should consider creating one now. It Helps To Build Confidence And Independence Whether it is building dens, navigating, creating mud pies, activities in a forest school help to build confidence and independence in children. They feel empowered as they learn about interacting with their natural environment and this … Continue reading

Turn A New Leaf

Lessons taken outside are often centred on a core set of activities: bug hunts, plant identification, habitats or seasonal changes. It is often hard to conjure up lessons that go beyond these: but that needn’t be the case. Numerous lessons can be taken outside, and these are going to be more memorable, enjoyable and can be more relevant. For instance, studying the water cycle can be a great practical lesson on the playground after rain. Your students could see in … Continue reading

Offer More Freedom With An Outdoor Classroom/Canopy

Children love to play outside. It helps them understand the world around them and it’s more enjoyable. Even in the coldest weather, there are important lessons to be taught outside and fun to be had. But the wettest weather can sometimes dampen the spirits of children and restrict their learning. In the past, it might have been normal to declare limited use of outdoor space on wet weather days, but this is not the case now outdoor space is being … Continue reading