Getting Children Out In Nature

Nature and time outside is long linked to lower levels of stress. The great outdoors is also a great learning opportunity. Children should be spending time outside, even in the coldest weather, and their enthusiasm can be inspiring. Using a range of environments outside can broaden experiences and learning opportunities for children. Organising lessons in fields, forest schools or under glass canopies can really help you provide a wide learning experience that caters for numerous learning preferences and styles. Yet, … Continue reading

Children No Longer Need To Be Crammed

As schools expand, there is a premium in space. One school in the South-West of England has even taken to putting some children into 63-strong classes. As a result, many feel that children are getting crammed into them. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, many schools are aware of the need to provide space for children to play and learn. The learning environment is vital for the success of education. If children feel too crowded or … Continue reading

Ideas For Outdoor Play Sessions

When it comes to the new school year, there’s going to be a lot of excitement from children who are excited about their new classrooms, teachers and even new schools. Many of the children will also be looking forward to going outside whether the weather is wet, cold, sunny or warm. Learning outside is a fantastic opportunity for many children. It helps to develop confidence, social and fine-motor skills – all important for every day life. Playing outside is also … Continue reading

Give Your Students That Fresh Air

February and March now seem to be the time of year when cold weather really sets in over the UK. So this is when the children are often less likely to venture outside and play in the fresh air. However, children don’t have to kept indoors during this time. Instead, play in the colder months is very beneficial. Children who regularly play outside, even in the colder months have higher levels of vitamin D. When 20% of the UK population … Continue reading

Outside Learning Supports Classroom Work

When you’re looking for learning opportunities, outside time is often forgotten or ignored. Normally this is because there’s a significant pressure on teachers to use classrooms and technology. But outside learning can be a valuable partner in your learning schedule. There are several reasons why this is the case, including: Stress reduction There is a lot research showing stress in the classroom for both students and teachers is rising. Yet being in nature is also used in a lot of … Continue reading

How To Make Your Space Work For Your Children

Space is at a premium when it comes to childcare settings. You want to maximise the activities available to all the children, but want to limit the amount of equipment available so it isn’t too overwhelming. Getting this balance right can make a big difference. Children who feel overwhelmed, or even underwhelmed, are more prone to disruptive behaviour and don’t learn as effectively. So how can you make your space work for you? Here are some tips to ensure you … Continue reading

The Outdoor Environment – The Perfect Place For Young Minds And Senses

There is no hiding the fact that an outdoor space at any early years location is a great asset. Children love being outside, whether they are finding bugs hiding in the undergrowth, or pretending to be a superhero. Their play and learning outside is stimulating and memorable. The outdoors can be used in many ways to improve the sensory learning of your children. Here are a few outside activities they can engage in and what you can do to enhance … Continue reading

Top 10 Tips For Protecting Children From The Sun

During the summer months, you’ll want to be outside and so will the children. However, the sun isn’t always safe. Too much can damage skin, and this can lead to premature ageing, sunburn and potentially cancer. So here are the top 10 tips for protecting your children from the sun during the summer: Use sun cream. It should be at least Sun Protection Factor 15. Try to ensure your sun cream is water-resistant, especially if you plan to go to … Continue reading

Assessing Progress In Outdoor Learning

All those in childcare settings and learning services need to regularly assess the progress of the children in their care. It is well known that learning outdoors can be very beneficial; it can support learning about the natural world and encourage physical education, personal development, and improve self-esteem. However, these skills can be a challenge to monitor if you don’t have the right tools. Planning Guides One of the first things you should consider doing is creating a planning document … Continue reading

Children Learn Better Outside: Get Undercover

Continuing from previous entries in our ‘Children Learn Better Outside’ series, we thought we would talk about the importance of cover for your outdoor space and the options available. We know that playing outdoors is important. It helps children connect with the natural world and provides endless opportunities for creative games and roleplay. Outdoor play can also improve fitness and physical development. Emotionally, children can also develop better with outdoor play. Children are often less inhibited outside and are more … Continue reading