Why Time Outside Should Not Be Discouraged During The Pandemic

While there is much concern over the spread of the Covid-19 virus, there are reasons why outside time should not be discouraged this winter. In fact, time outside, whether for fun and games or lessons should be encouraged this winter more than ever, here is why. Why Is The Outside A Worry? For some, more time outside this time of year is a worry. Colder weather is linked to the spread of the virus and more like it. However, there … Continue reading

Forest Schools And Covid-19

Schools have started to return and there certainly have been differences to the start of the year. Students are facing new limitations and experiences within schools. And there have been concerns about how children can get the same high quality of teaching as they have done before. And where does the current restrictions leave forest schools? Transmission Within Outside Settings Lower The advantage of forest schools is that they’re outside. Either within a forest area or under the cover of … Continue reading

Tips For Holding Classes Outside

Social distancing and schools sound like a challenge that is hard to solve. Especially as classes are being told to be limited to just 15 students in each. However, utilising outdoor spaces effectively can be a simple solution that allows more children to return to your setting and social distancing to be observed. So, here are some tips for holding classes outside. 1. Tailor The Learning Outdoor teaching isn’t going to be the same as learning inside a classroom. You’re … Continue reading

Outdoor Area Installed At School And Nursery In Kent

Queenborough School & Nursery in Kent were looking to expand a learning and play space for one of their classrooms. As such, they contracted NPS Property Consultants to help them create this new area. Those working on the project at the school and nursery setting wanted to create an outdoor area which could be used for lessons and play all year round. This created some challenges. Outdoor spaces can be become wet and slippery during wet periods and too much … Continue reading

How To Make Your Space Work For Your Children

Space is at a premium when it comes to childcare settings. You want to maximise the activities available to all the children, but want to limit the amount of equipment available so it isn’t too overwhelming. Getting this balance right can make a big difference. Children who feel overwhelmed, or even underwhelmed, are more prone to disruptive behaviour and don’t learn as effectively. So how can you make your space work for you? Here are some tips to ensure you … Continue reading

Encouraging teamwork in outdoor play

Learning is an essential part of preschool and much of this time is spent learning about the environment, maths, language and science. However, learning to interact with others is just as important, and teamwork is an aspect of that process. Effective teamwork will help children throughout their education – forming study groups, completing group tasks and then going on into their adult working lives. It can also promote compassion and awareness of the emotional needs of others – making social … Continue reading

My Favourite Suffolk Installation so far

It’s that time of the year again when I have to choose a favourite installation from the past three months. Well as usual it has been quite a hard decision as we have installed some stunning structures, but I think my favourite has to the Hamilton Big Span Canopy that we installed at Springfield Junior School in Ipswich, Suffolk. I chose this installation as my favourite for a number of reasons, first and foremost I have to admit that I … Continue reading

Children Gain More Knowledge When Learning Outside

It is becoming more and more evident that when children are outside getting their hands and knees dirty, picking up stones and physically exploring a learning subject, they engage so much more than if they were sit in a classroom and read a text book. A new partnership in Devon is a big fan of outdoor learning and strongly believe that children readily absorb more knowledge when learning outside, than they do within the four walls of a classroom. The … Continue reading

What Could You Do Under Your Canopy?

There are many different activities that our canopies can be used for however in this blog post I go through just a few of what our customers have gone on to use their canopies for: Outdoor Learning Canopies The majority of our education customers use their canopies as outdoor classrooms to offer them an extended workspace that can be used all year round and still benefit from an outside environment. Primary Outdoor Classroom: St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Haywards … Continue reading

The Forgotten Teaching Resource

Are you looking to enhance the learning environment at your Early Years Setting or School? The solution may be on your doorstep – literally! Your outside space provides a wealth of learning opportunities and often your can create a stimulating and interesting environment at a lower cost than you would expect. Creating an accessible and popular outdoor area can be a daunting task but the benefits the children can receive can be priceless. Here are our top 10 reasons to … Continue reading