Children No Longer Need To Be Crammed

As schools expand, there is a premium in space. One school in the South-West of England has even taken to putting some children into 63-strong classes. As a result, many feel that children are getting crammed into them. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, many schools are aware of the need to provide space for children to play and learn. The learning environment is vital for the success of education. If children feel too crowded or … Continue reading

Made to Measure Canopies

Our canopies are all made to measure and bespoke to your needs. We manufacture our canopies in-house, therefore allowing us to create a canopy in the dimensions that you require as long as they are structurally viable. The Coniston wall mounted canopy for example can be manufactured to be more than just a rectangle or square canopy here’s why… Internal and External Corners Our canopies can be made to follow the shape of your building even if it means going … Continue reading

The World’s Most Flexible Wall Mounted Canopy System – The Coniston

What do you need from your school canopy? The Coniston can be small, large, multi-coloured, can fit around corners and even link your buildings together. You name it, the Coniston can do it! The Coniston really is the king of canopies. Wrap around your building… Are you fed up with sweltering heat in your classrooms during the summer? Our Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy System can literally wrap right around your school building creating shade for all of your classrooms which … Continue reading

5 Schools with Great Outdoor Play & Learning Areas

The great outdoors gives children an exciting new environment to explore outside the classroom, encouraging them to be active and also giving them a chance to connect with nature and their environment. Keeping this outdoor area vibrant and full of resources is a great way to encourage children outdoors to take advantage of the many benefits it brings. Over the years we have installed many canopies (thousands in-fact; click here to see our impressive installations map) at schools as part … Continue reading

Creating an enjoyable outdoor space for everyone

Inclusivity is a key consideration for teachers in the classroom, but what about when children go outside? Here are our tips to ensure all ages, abilities and interests are accommodated for in your outdoor area so you can help everyone enjoy themselves and have valuable learning experiences. Top Tips for Inclusivity in the Playground: 1. Install ramps to accommodate those who use a wheelchair and have certain activities such as play panels at a height where younger children and those … Continue reading

My Favourite County Durham Installation So Far…

Earlier this year in March (2013) one of my installation teams in the north of the England installed an attractive timber wall mounted canopy at Bowes Pre-School in Banard Castle, County Durham. The chairman at this charity based pre-school contacted us as he had seen the canopy we installed in the neighbouring county at Allendale Pre-School in Hexham, Northumberland and it was exactly what they wanted. They felt it was perfect for their requirements which were to provide excellent cover … Continue reading

What Can You Use a Canopy For?

Canopies can be used for many applications within the school and nursery environment. They protect you from the sun, rain and wind and create a safe, secure area for many activities. For children, bringing regular school lessons outside adds fun and enjoyment to each lesson and naturally helps the children to engage and learn more. To help you get the most out of your canopy I have listed below the main applications that you can use your canopy for. Outdoor … Continue reading

The Need for Shade in the Playground

Protecting children from the sun is more important than ever due to new research constantly coming forward. I recently read an article that stated that over exposure to the sun at younger ages – 0-15 years are more likely to cause major risk factors later in life. The new information that keeps coming forward sharpens the mind to how important sun protection really is not just for today but for the future. The National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence … Continue reading

How to create your ideal Playground

Providing an inviting and fun playground is a great way to encourage children to play outdoors. A well designed playground will allow children to let off steam and help develop their senses as well as nurturing creativity and imagination. It will also go a long way to promoting physical activity in the outdoors and these happy memories of outdoor play can help to keep children interested in the outdoors and physical exercise as they grow into young adults and beyond. … Continue reading

Sun Safety Tips for Early Years and Schools

With summer just around the corner (hopefully!) we shall hopefully see a bit more of the sun, and I’m sure a lot of us can’t wait to see it. However it is always important to remember to be safe in the sun – something that many people forget in their excitement to get outside and enjoy the warmth. It is particularly important to ensure young children are suitably protected from the sun as research shows that over exposure to sun … Continue reading