How Nature Can Help With Mindfulness In Your Early Years Setting

Mindfulness is not just a trend, it’s a useful practice that’s as good for children as it is for adults. A growing amount of scientific research has found that attention can increase with the right mindfulness. In addition, good routines can help reduce stress and regulate emotions in children. Research has also shown that mindfulness can help with social skills, emotions can be better controlled, and children who practice regular mindfulness show more compassion and empathy. Children who have problems … Continue reading

How to create a vibrant and inspiring outdoor learning area under your canopy

A canopy creates a dry and shaded area which can be used for many things, from a relaxing place to eat or drink in a restaurant or park to a sheltered outdoor learning area allowing children to be taught in a more informal classroom without the worry of what the weather is doing. For Early Years and Primary school settings, creating an environment this is colourful and stimulating is key to making an area children will enjoying learning in. Here … Continue reading

How to make the most of your playground

Even small playgrounds and outdoor areas can be transformed into effective pockets of learning… The EYFS framework places a lot of emphasis on the importance of outdoor spaces and their role in enriching a Early Years learning environment. Providing an outdoor area that is stimulating and accessible to all is a tough task for any Early Years Practitioner, however when outdoor space is limited, for example in an inner city nursery, then the task can seem near-impossible! However, even the … Continue reading

Creating an enjoyable outdoor space for everyone

Inclusivity is a key consideration for teachers in the classroom, but what about when children go outside? Here are our tips to ensure all ages, abilities and interests are accommodated for in your outdoor area so you can help everyone enjoy themselves and have valuable learning experiences. Top Tips for Inclusivity in the Playground: 1. Install ramps to accommodate those who use a wheelchair and have certain activities such as play panels at a height where younger children and those … Continue reading

How to extend your classroom – without losing your outdoor area

If you are finding that your classroom is no longer big enough for your expanding class sizes you may be looking to extend your school building. But this can mean losing valuable outdoor areas and an extension can be an added expense which most schools would struggle to afford. A great alternative to an extension is a canopy, or shade structure fitted adjacent to your classroom, or installed in your playground. The great benefit a canopy offers is that, although … Continue reading

How to create your ideal Playground

Providing an inviting and fun playground is a great way to encourage children to play outdoors. A well designed playground will allow children to let off steam and help develop their senses as well as nurturing creativity and imagination. It will also go a long way to promoting physical activity in the outdoors and these happy memories of outdoor play can help to keep children interested in the outdoors and physical exercise as they grow into young adults and beyond. … Continue reading

Playground Accessories Now Available to Purchase Online – Plus Free Delivery!

Able Canopies’ supply a wide range of fun and exciting playground accessories from interactive play panels & chalk boards to benches & bollards and they are now available to buy direct via our new website! Able Canopies’ playground accessories can be purchased online 24/7 and all include free delivery to the UK mainland. Whether you are looking for something to keep the children entertained whilst playing outdoors, would like to purchase educational outdoor equipment, or if you’re looking to create … Continue reading

How to Create a Secure Learning Environment…

So you’re using your canopy and it’s great, the children love it and you have lots of equipment underneath for them to play with, however, you find yourself spending time in the mornings and evenings bringing out and putting the equipment away. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just leave the equipment underneath the canopy during the evenings, therefore allowing you to spend more time on the children’s curriculum instead? Well you can! Let me introduce you to Secure Roller Shutters… … Continue reading