Planning a Fundraising Strategy

When you need to raise funds for your school, or charity, you need to create a plan. After all, failing to plan is planning to fail. But do you know how to plan a fundraising strategy? Do you know how much to include? Some plans are just too incomplete. This just wastes your time and can mean you are unable to maximise potential returns for your time. So here is a quick guide to planning your fundraising strategy to get … Continue reading

11 Tips to Secure that Grant

If you’re in the process of planning a big, costly project and it feels like raising the funds will take forever, then it may be time to apply for some grants. We have therefore added 11 top tips below which are well worth a read before you start on that lengthy application form. 1. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work Don’t leave the whole responsibility of applying for the grant to one person. Applying for grants can involve a lot of … Continue reading

Race your way to the top

Are you looking to raise lots of cash for your school to fund your next big project? Of course, you are, no matter how much you raise, you always need more to cover government cuts and the growing population. One way that you could raise a bundle of money is by holding a race night. Mead Primary School and Broadford Primary School both in Romford, recently joined forces and held a race night which raised an astonishing £4,600 in total! … Continue reading

Spring Fundraising Ideas for Schools: 4

Circus This can be a straightforward event to organise as you can book a professional circus company so there’s no need to source your own acrobats or clowns! Also, children always love a good circus and when they find out you’re be holding one in their own school, they will become very excited. Pet Show Who wouldn’t want to show off their prized pets and ogle over everyone else beautiful prize winners? A pet show is something a little different … Continue reading

Don’t Forget to Claim Gift Aid for Your PTA or Charity Group

In case you wasn’t aware already, Gift Aid is a tax relief that allows you (as a UK registered charity) to reclaim the basic rate of Income Tax a donor has paid on their donation, as long as they are a UK taxpayer. For each £1 received in donations, you will receive an extra 25p. All you need to do to start benefiting from Gift Aid is register your PTA or charity with HMRC and ask your supporters to confirm … Continue reading