Earn Funds For Your School Through Recycling With TerraCycle

Recycling is a major focus for many communities up and down the country. Despite our best efforts however, there is 300,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste produced in the UK every year. Much of this waste is taken to countries afar a field as Singapore, where it is burned or just dumped, causing more damage to the environment. That is where companies like TerraCycle come in. They’re offering businesses, schools and individuals the chance to recycle items that councils and authorities … Continue reading

Cool Environmental Facts!

Environmental issues are very important and affect us all as a planet. Although many of us never really think about our actions, these facts may make you think twice next time you turn the light on when there is already enough daylight or when you leave the tap running when you’re not using it… Water 1. Did you know…The water you drink may have just come out of the tap clean and fresh but have you ever thought about how … Continue reading