Pulling it all together

Some of our installation projects involve the co-ordination of numerous construction phases and trades. We have the capability to deliver professional project management to ensure the complete canopy installation is delivered on time and on budget. Project Management Each of our installations involves project management. Coordinating start times, deliveries and hand over, all take planning and communication. These skills allow us to look the requirements of each project and sometimes widen our responsibilities to include more elements of the installation … Continue reading


Have you had problems in the past with equipment being vandalised or stolen? If so this is a great product for you. Our Secure Roller Shutters are a fantastic storage area for your equipment. They provide complete protection form the weather and are secured by lockable roller shutters for that extra peace of mind and security, giving you a secure and lockable storage area by night and during the school holidays. During the day the canopy can be used for its main … Continue reading