Ten signs your school or nursery should invest in a canopy

1. You have a great playground or outdoor area, but when it rains the area can’t be used as there is not enough shelter 2. As soon as the sun come out your building becomes stuffy and uncomfortable as sunlight streams through the windows. 3. Parents often complain about waiting outside to collect their children – this is particularly the case in bad weather, to combat this you have allowed them to wait in the reception/hallway; however this can cause … Continue reading

Walk this way – the benefits of covered walkways

A covered walkway can often been seen as a luxury product, particularly by schools and organisations with limited funds. This is a fair observation and it certainly is true that your site will be able to function without a walkway. However, the benefits a walkway brings to a site often far outweigh the initial cost. Not only can it link your site together, providing an integrated feel to your setting, it can also improve the experience of your staff, students, … Continue reading

Free Standing Canopies vs Wall Mounted Canopies

If your entering the world of buying a canopy and you’re not quite sure whether a free standing canopy or a wall mounted canopy would be ideal for your environment then read on… Wall mounted canopies and free standing canopies both hold great benefits and will open a world of opportunities particularly for educational environments such as schools and nurseries. To work out whether a wall mounted canopy or free standing canopy would be ideal for you, you need to … Continue reading

Barnes Farm Junior School Unveils All New Walkway

Case Study: Barnes Farm Junior School, Chelmsford, Essex Product: The Ullswater Free Standing Walkway Size: 8.6m x 2.7m Additional Options: Powder Coated Traffic Red Barnes Farm Junior School wanted an Entrance Canopy that would shelter the teachers and pupils from the weather whilst looking attractive and fitting in with their existing surroundings. Barnes Farm Junior School contacted Able Canopies and explained the type of product they were after. Able Canopies were happy to assist and explained the different walkways they … Continue reading