How To Make Fundraising Fun This Year

Whether you’re looking to invest in a new computer room or a school canopy, you’re going to need funds and this will probably require you to do some fundraising at some point. Covid-19 has caused so much of the school budget to be allocated to other things like new cleaners and equipment, new classroom accessories and more. Therefore, your budget is likely to be a little stretched. Fundraising used to be a very fun occasion. But so many activities are … Continue reading

Ways To Ensure That Social Bubbles Don’t Mix

The return to school has come at a time when other restrictions are still in place and so children and parents are still being asked to participate in strong social distancing. However, the school setting can make this a challenge. Using social bubbles, in which classrooms or year groups are grouped and don’t interact with others, has become very normal for many but how do you ensure that all social bubbles remain distanced? 1. Entrance And Exit Of School One … Continue reading

Three Board Games That Can Be Adapted For Outside

There’s no hiding the fact that board games can be a great way for children to learn. They can build all kinds of skills with board games such as mathematics, logic skills, inter-personal skills and more. But with the current Covid-19 problems, board games have been hard to play. However, there are ways that you can take the board games and adapt them to be played outside, whether you’re playing in the playground or under a school canopy. 1. Snakes … Continue reading

Play & Learn Outdoors | March 2021 | Issue 2.2


March welcomes the start of Spring, which means we are leaving the colder weather and dark nights behind. It’s the perfect time to start planning outdoor lessons, your fundraising plans and dates that you can partake in to make lessons even more fun and engaging for your pupils. The last 3 months since the previous edition of P&LO have been busy here at Able Canopies HQ, we’ve installed lots of canopies which you can see on pages 14 & 15. … Continue reading

How Moving Showcases Outside Can Help Your School

Covid-19 has forced numerous changes upon the way that things are done in school. A couple of years ago, regularly parents would be invited around to see their children’s work in the classroom. It was an excellent opportunity for children to showcase their achievements and get parents engaging with classroom learning. However, Covid-19 has made it almost impossible to run these events. However, there are ways that you can run these events, safely and this is by hosting these events … Continue reading

Last Minute Easter Crafts

Are you looking for some last-minute Easter crafts using supplies that you may already have in stock? You’ve come to the right place! Here’s three ideas that you can organise for your class with minimal prep and maximum fun. 1. Peek-a-Boo Peg Chicks   You’ll need: Pegs Card Choice of paint, pencils or crayons to decorate Scissors Glue or glue dots Directions: Draw and cut an egg shape that is broken along the middle on cardboard Also draw and cut … Continue reading

Can Children Benefit From Outdoor Reading?

Outdoor reading, in numerous places from forest schools to school canopies, can be a great way for your children to engage with their books. There are many advantages of taking your school reading outside, here are some of those reasons. 1. More Imaginative EngagementReading can sometimes be enhanced by having other activities that run alongside them to tell more about the story. For instance, students can act some of the key scenes from the book or try out some of … Continue reading

How To Encourage Children To Exercise Outside

Once again, the UK is in lockdown and children are remote learning at home. This is causing a potential risk to children’s health. Remote learning is often associated with staying inside and sitting in front of the computer or with worksheets. Very few physical tasks are given during this time. And without access to an outside area like under your school canopy, going outside isn’t very desirable at the moment. The British weather at this time of year is wet, … Continue reading

Easter Fundraising Ideas for Social Distancing

While the UK Government hopes we will be out of lockdown by the February half-term, there is no guarantee. In fact, it all rests on several statistics going in the right direction. Therefore, planning for the Easter Fundraising season needs to be adjusted to be covid-19 secure. Here are some ideas that you could consider. 1. Virtual ZooLots of families have pets and some have more unusual pets like reptiles, birds and amphibians. While you can’t have these into your … Continue reading

The Most Popular Canopies of 2020

It’s officially here, we have the finalised list of the most popular canopies based on our canopy sales from 2020. If you are looking to invest in a shade and shelter structure and are unsure of what type of structure to choose, this post may help by showing the canopies that other schools and companies have been big fans of. In 2020, we supplied and installed over 30 different products from our range, with each of them installed multiple times … Continue reading