A Shade Sail That You Can Use All Year Round

Shade sails are often referred to as sun sails or sun shades simply because they were originally designed to provide protection from the sun only. However, we have found that our customers are looking for structures that provide protection from the rain too, that’s why we have added the Banbury Waterproof Shade Sail to our range. The Banbury is a commercial grade waterproof shade sail that provides protection from both the sun and rain, enabling you to use it all … Continue reading

New Canopy Product Brochure Now Available

With the new year comes a new brochure for Able Canopies and we are extremely excited to be able to share it with you. Taking inspiration from the saying “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”, we decided to keep the same great layout as our previous brochure, yet updated the products and added some fantastic new installation photos. This gives the brochure a fresh new feel and ensures it is up to date with new products, discontinued products and … Continue reading

Shade Sails for Schools

Shade sails are popular products within schools, not only because they look great, but  also because they provide protection from the sun, keeping the children underneath cool and protected. School Shade Sails are available in many different shapes and sizes and multiple shade sails can be installed together to create stunning shade sails arrays. Our Shade Sails are available in square or triangular shapes up to 6m wide each and there no limit on how many we install to create … Continue reading

Made in the Shade

It’s been a long hot summer already and with a couple of months still to go it seems like a good time to talk about one of our most popular summer products – the shade sail. Like flip flops, sun hats and eating ice cream outdoors, shade sails are one of those things that only come to mind when the sun is shining …which is no surprise. Because of that heightened seasonality it is worth reminding ourselves of the circumstances … Continue reading

Safe in the Summertime

One of the first things you learn when you work with canopies is that weather protection isn’t just about providing shelter from rain and snow. In fact, supplying shade from the sun in the spring and summer is a way more important service than keeping people dry as they dash between buildings. Here’s the reason why. There are over 15,000 new cases of melanoma skin cancer in the UK every year and they are expected to rise 7% by 2035. … Continue reading

How to choose your summer shade system

It is noticeable how many more enquiries we receive about sails, awnings and umbrellas, or our Fabric Collection as we like to call it, once the sun starts shining. People’s thoughts naturally turn to enjoying the outdoors once the weather improves. For schools and hospitality outlets the key is to give access to the outside but to do that in a way that is safe for pupils and customers. That means UV protection and solid installations that will last. There … Continue reading

Able Canopies New 2015 Product Brochure

We are all a little excited here in the Able Canopies office as we have just launched our brand new 2015 product portfolio! This shiny new brochure details all of our latest products in easy to find, colour coded sections. You will find an overview, the product specifications and stunning images of the latest product range of canopies, shelters, shade sails and accessories. You will notice a number of new products have been added including the Evershade which is a … Continue reading

New: The Ultimate Shade Sail Guide!

We have just added a brand new publication to our informative and helpful range of guides and packs which are free to our future and existing customers. The Ultimate Shade Sail Guide has been created to help you choose the perfect shade structure for your outside area. Shade sails come in many different shapes, sizes, colours and qualities and choosing the right one for you can be a little daunting – so where do you start? Well, our exciting new … Continue reading

Discover the potential of your hospital’s outdoor area

Whilst the internal facilities of your hospital are extremely important, an area which can be a huge benefit to both your staff, patients and visitors is a pleasant outdoor garden or seating area. The benefits of fresh air and engaging with nature are well documented, with more and more reports showing that even just looking at a natural environment can improve people’s wellbeing, for example research has shown that patient recovery rates improve if even the view out of their … Continue reading

Shade Sails – Perfect for Outdoor Performances

Have you ever planned an outdoor performance and it turns out to be a blazing hot summer’s day? Perfect right? Well not quite so, the scorching heat from the sun at the height of summer can spoil the day just as much as a sudden downpour can. When it’s too hot outside, spectators can start to feel uncomfortable in the sun and feel the need to seek a cool shaded area away from the performance or even leave altogether. A … Continue reading