Able Canopies Feature in Campus Estate Management

Campus Estate Management is a cutting edge and informative magazine that is targeted at staff within education establishments from primary schools through to universities and colleges. We are really pleased that they chose to feature our case study about our innovative installation of a solar canopy at Bournemouth University. In 2017, we installed a bespoke Kensington Dual Pitch Solar Canopy at Bournemouth University to provide shelter to students and staff waiting for the buses at the university as part of … Continue reading

The Real Albedo Effect – Our Latest Solar Canopy

Albedo Effect Solar Canopy

The Albedo Effect Solar Canopy is the latest addition to our range of eco-friendly and energy-producing canopies and shelters. To put the canopy to the test we installed one at our Head Office in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex. We installed a 3.2m x 5m Carport which can also be used as a staff waiting shelter and smoking shelter. This small canopy has been producing up to 14.332 kWh a day. It takes the average full kettle 3kw to boil, that means that … Continue reading

My Favourite Innovative Installation so far…

The installation I’m about to tell you about is one of my favourite installations because of its wide range of functions. Not only does it shelter children from the weather keeping them cool on hot sunny days and sheltered on rainy and windy days it also produces free energy for the school and could add them additional tax-free revenue!  Prior Weston Primary School in London relocated to a new campus in 2008 to Islington in London and recently underwent extensive … Continue reading

Cool Facts – Solar Canopies

We have put together these cool facts about solar energy to encourage your children and pupils enthusiasm towards solar panels and solar energy. These facts really are interesting and very educational, they are great for if you are thinking of having a solar canopy installed and to help your pupils understand how solar works and how important it is to the environment! Read on to find out how long it takes for light to travel from the sun’s surface to … Continue reading