Canopies for Car or Motorbike Showrooms

If you are running a retail business that needs outdoor display space such as a car or motorcycle dealership, it’s important to be able to display your vehicles in a comfortable and protected environment. The look of the vehicle is of the utmost importance. If your customers don’t think the car or bike looks great; they won’t buy it. So what can you do? A canopy for your outside display area can be one option for your business. Here are some … Continue reading

Taking a Closer Look at Tensile Fabric Structures

The winter is the perfect time to start planning how you can improve your outdoor play or seating area ready for the summer. Early planning is ideal as you can have everything installed and in place by the time the spring or summer arrives, ensuring maximum usage. Although canopies are perfect for creating cover from all weather conditions, all year round, some styles are more ideal for creating shelter and shade from the sun. These structures include umbrella canopies and … Continue reading

Caring For Your Tensile & Shade Structures in Extreme Weather

Although thick snow can be an exciting time for children, it can also be a worrying time for schools and nurseries as heavy snow can cause damage to permanent shade structures if they are not maintained effectivley. A short while ago I posted some tips for caring for your canopy in extreme weather such as snow, today I am going to offer advice on looking after your shade sails and tensile structures in heavy snow conditions. If snow is left … Continue reading

Colour me Happy – Our fantastic range of Tensile Fabric Colours!

When considering the correct shade and shelter solution for your organisation something which can easily be overlooked is what the space will look and feel like underneath the structure. With a polycarbonate roof the environment created under the canopy is usually a light and airy feel. The same can be achieved with tensile by choosing a light coloured fabric. However our tensile fabrics can also create all kinds of moods and environments depending on the colours chosen. When sunlight shines … Continue reading

My Favourite Hertfordshire Installation so Far…

My teams have installed over 40 canopies, shelters, shade sails and awnings across 14 different towns in Hertfordshire. Although I think all of the installations are fantastic and really benefit the schools, nurseries, child care centres, education support centres and community venue buildings they were installed at; I do have one particular favourite installation so far… Underhill Infant School, Barnet Underhill infant school in Barnet, Hertfordshire first contacted my sales team back in January 2010. They were looking for a … Continue reading