Rainy Day Games You Can Play Outside

Just because it’s raining outside doesn’t mean that your students can’t have fun outdoors. Playing out in the rain has numerous benefits. This includes improved motor skills and psychological well-being benefits. So, here are some activities you can do with your children out in the rain. Painting In The Rain Art and rain make a great combination. When it’s raining, you can put coloured powdered paints on the floor outside and get the children to use brushes to make beautiful … Continue reading

Playing Out In The Rain

With the weather becoming wetter throughout the country, outside time is becoming less attractive to small children. It’s cold, wet, and at times we put less toys outside to play with because of the risk. However, there are reasons why you should encourage more outside play. Different Textures Playing outside during wet, rainy weather is completely different to play when it’s hot and sunny. These different experiences can help with learning co-ordination and sensory development. Different textures can also be … Continue reading

Wet Play This Summer: Great Ways To Make Water Play Fun And Educational!

As the weather heats up and we come into the last few weeks of the term, lots of educational settings will be looking to let their children cool off with a little water play. Water tables are a bit of a staple in most settings and are great fun, but are there other options to make water play both entertaining and educational? Here are some of our favourites. Blowing Bubbles A traditional game that’s used all year round, but that doesn’t … Continue reading