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An Introduction to Able Canopies

Imperial Junior Executive Canopy

The Imperial Junior is a highly attractive canopy that is available as a free standing or wall mounted structure. It features electronic roof slats that can be adjusted from an angle of 0° to 120° with the Somfy remote control supplied.

You can block 100% of the Sun’s harmful UV rays when the roof slats are closed as well as creating a watertight seal and protection from rainfall. Alternatively, when it is a pleasant summers day, you can choose to have the roof slats open at the angle of your choice to allow a cool breeze to flow through as well as provide partial shade.

Made from aluminium and supplied with a 5 year guarantee, the Imperial Junior is the perfect canopy for leisure, hospitality, healthcare and recreation sectors.

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  • Aluminium Frame – The frame is made completely from aluminium extrusions for high strength and weather resistance, ensuring your canopy lasts for many years to come
  • Adaptable Roof Slats – The roof is covered with roof slats that can be electronically adjusted from an angle of 0° to 120° to allow you to create the weather protection of your choice
  • Aluminium Roof Slats – The adjustable roof slats are made from high strength aluminium and are 200mm x 28mm
  • Somfy Motors – The Imperial Junior is supplied with high quality Somfy motors and remote controls so you can adjust your roof slats quickly, easily and conveniently
  • Maximum Size of 4m x 6m – With a maximum height of up to 3m, making it perfect for many uses, multiple structures can be installed together to cover larger areas
  • Wall Mounted and Free Standing – Available as a wall mounted or free standing canopy making it ideal for your intended use whether it is beside a building or in the centre of your outside area
  • Offer Cover From all Weather Conditions – The adjustable roof slats enable you to create full shade, partial shade with a cool breeze at adjustable settings or full shelter from the rain with the simple touch of a button
  • Available in Any RAL Colour – The frame and roof slats are supplied in a choice of 3 colours as standard, however other RAL colours are available at an additional cost, please see the colours tab for more information
  • Integrated Guttering – Integrated guttering is supplied as standard within the roof profiles and water is dispersed through the canopy posts. This creates a smooth, clean line appearance
  • 5 Year Guarantee – The Imperial Junior is supplied with a 5 year guarantee for complete peace of mind that your canopy if of the highest quality
  • Many Optional Extras Available – You can gain further use from your canopy by adding optional extras to your order, choose from heaters, LED lighting, weather sensors and side panels in aluminium, fabric, glass or timber.

Fixing Style

The Imperial Junior can be installed as a free standing or a wall mounted structure.

Somfy Motors

The motors and remote controls are the highest quality Somfy products.

Maximum Size

Length: 6 metres
Width: 4 metres
Height: 3 metres

Component Sizes

Posts: 120mm x 120mm
Roof Profiles: 160mm x 120mm
Roof Slats: 200m x 28mm

Weather Resistance

The frame and roof slats are made from aluminium which is naturally rust and rot resistant.

Weather Protection

The roof slats block 100% of the Sun’s harmful UV rays when closed and provides a 100% watertight seal when closed, protecting those underneath from direct rainfall.

Adaptable Roof Slats

The roof slats can be adjusted from an angle of 0° to 120° enabling you to offer full sunlight, partial shade with a cooling breeze or complete shade and shelter.

You can choose whether the slats adjust to direction A or direction B.

Direction A:
The Imperial Junior Adaptable Canopy Roof Slats - Direction A

Direction B:
The Imperial Junior Adaptable Canopy Roof Slats - Direction A

Wind and Snow Loadings

The Imperial Junior has been tested to, and adheres to, the following standards:
EN 1991-1-1: General actions – Densities, self-weight, imposed loads for buildings
EN 1991-1-3: General actions – Snow loads
EN 1991-1-4: General actions – Wind actions

Ideal Uses

The Imperial Junior is ideal for use as a:
  • Spa canopy for treatments outside
  • Leisure canopy for outside exercise, yoga and meditation classes
  • Courtyard shelter within many outside settings 
  • Relaxation shelter within hospitals and carehomes
  • Alfresco dining canopy within restaurants, hotels & bars


Supplied with a 5 year guarantee for the canopy frame and roof slats and a 2 year guarantee for all electrical components.


Click here to view the Imperial Junior Technical Specification Sheet >

Optional Extras

Imperial Junior - Roller BlindsRoller Blinds
Create a private experience which is perfect for alfresco dining and outdoor exercise classes with our Roller Blinds which are available in a choice of three different fabrics with many choices of colours. They are electronically controlled with the Somfy motor and remote control supplied.

Imperial Junior - Glass PanelsGlass Panels
You can create a glass room with your Imperial by adding glass panels that slide open and shut on smooth guides. Glass panels create an uninterrupted view of the outside as well as the inside and does not spoil the view, perfect for spa and hotels with beautiful grounds.

Imperial Junior - Timber Sliding PanelsSliding Panels
Sliding panels allow you to create a screen between the outside and the inside of your canopy whilst still offering visibility and a cool breeze to flow through. Choose from a choice of aesthetically pleasing materials including woods slats, aluminium slats and fabric screens.

LED Lights
Gain as much use as possible from your canopy by adding LED lighting to enable your customers and visitors to stay outside long into the night, perfect for those late summer evenings. Choose from strip lights or spot lights, both of which are LED.

Warm up your guests and encourage use of your outside area on colder days or evenings by incorporating heaters into your canopy. The heaters are 1500 WATT and are fully waterproof, making them perfect for outdoor use all year round.

Wind, rain, temperature and presence sensors can be incorporated into your canopy so that roof slats automatically open and close when a particular element or setting is sensed.

Imperial Junior Optional Extras

The canopy frame and the roof slats are available powder coated in a choice of three standard colours: Anthracite Grey RAL 7016, Grey Aluminium RAL 9006 and Traffic White RAL 9016.

Other RAL colours are available at an additional cost. The Frame can be supplied in a contrasting colour to the roof slats if required.