Climbing Walls

Our partners Sportsafe UK Ltd. offer quality activity and leisure equipment for schools, sports halls and leisure centres in the UK.

The climbing walls are built using the latest climbing hold technology. Sportsafe manufacture their own polyurethane rubber-backed holds here in the UK which grip on to virtually any surface, so even if your wall is stone with no obvious flat faces, their system can be safely used.

Route Design to Suit any Age Group

These climbing routes can be designed to suit any age groups from reception/infants to secondary school and beyond. A traverse wall always proves a popular piece of play equipment and because the footholds are kept below 600mm no safety surfacing is legally required.

Reposition Holds Easily

The fixing system allows the holds to be repositioned with use of the provided tool, so the wall can evolve over time and climbing holds can be quickly and easily replaced at a low cost. The climbing holds we use include some which are actual copies of real rock features found in the Lake District. The climbing holds come in a minimum of 4 different bright colours which are installed to create a variety of graded challenges.

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Available Options

Climbing Walls

Climbing Walls onto Existing Mansonary

The School climbing walls are designed to challenge and keep the children interested. The traverse walls generally have a minimum of 4 different colour holds installed. We always try and set one route which should take them some time to complete.

Climbing Walls

Free Standing Climbing Walls

Free-standing climbing walls can be customised to your needs and budget and built for specific age ranges including infants. All free-standing walls can be climbed on both sides so the available space is maximised. These structures can be built in a range of materials from steel and composite panels to wood and more rustic finishes.

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