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An Introduction to Able Canopies

Standard Ali-Deck

Standard Ali-Deck

Standard Ali-Deck is a quick to install all aluminium decking system that is 50% quicker to install compared alternative decking systems on the market.

Because it is made completely from aluminium, there’s no need to worry about applying a weather proof treatment every year or so because unlike wood, aluminium will not rot, and it is also a naturally rust resistant metal. It is also much more environmentally friendly compared to wood and composite alternatives because 30% of the aluminium billets used to make our decking has been recycled and the whole system can be recycled again when you come to replace it.

The 10-year warranty and 25-year life expectancy ensures that you will not need to replace your new decking system for many years to come.

You can complete your outside dining area by building your own hospitality package with our outside dining canopies and aluminium decking.

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Ali-Deck Standard Aluminium Decking Installation Videos

Watch our installation videos below to see how easy it is to install our Standard Ali-Deck boards.

Ali-Deck Standard Aluminium Decking on Supa Joists

Ali-Deck Standard Aluminium Decking with Existing Timber Sub Frame

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  • Complete Aluminium Decking System – Making it a modern, environmentally friendly and low maintenance alternative to traditional decking such as wood or composite
  • Quick Installation – Ali-Deck is 50% quicker to install because it spans further than any other decking product and we do not use fiddly brackets and fixings, which means minimal disruption is caused to you
  • Environmentally Friendly – Our 100% aluminium decking is made from 30% recycled aluminium billets which is the best in the industry. Also, it does not need to be treated, unlike timber decking which will rot if left untreated with chemicals on a regular basis
  • Long Lasting – Aluminium decking lasts much longer than timber or composite decking, which reduces the need to replace it as often and there is no need to maintain the surface with treatments
  • 100% Recyclable – Even though it is made from 30% recycled aluminium, all 100% can be recycled repeatedly as this is one of the many features of aluminium, which means it will never end up in landfill
  • Unlimited Coverage – Each board is 6m long, 120mm wide and 30mm deep. Ali-Deck can cover areas of any size, leading to unlimited potential coverage
  • Low Maintenance – Aluminium decking requires minimal maintenance, to keep it clean simply wash it down with warm soapy water and a lint free mop
  • Protected with QUALICOAT – Ali-Deck is powder coated with QUALICOAT which is a 5-stage powder coating finish for architectural products
  • Two Colours – The powder coating finish is available in two colours; Textured Silver Grey and Textured Sand
  • Excellent Fire Rating - Please download the technical specification sheet on the Specifications tab for full details
  • No Expansion – Unlike timber decking, Ali-Deck will not expand or contract in the heat and wet weather
  • 10 Year Warranty – Ali-Deck is supplied with a 10-year warranty against corrosion and UV degradation


Click here to download the Standard Aluminium Decking Technicial Specification

Colour Options

The decking is covered with a 5-stage powder coating process called QUALICOAT which is available in two colours; Textured Sand and Textured Silver Grey.

Ali-Deck Aluminium Decking Colour Options

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