An Introduction to Able Canopies

Bovingdon Primary School

Product: Coniston

Product: Coniston

In October 2009, we installed a Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy at Bovingdon Primary School with two hip sections to provide shelter from the weather all the way around the building. 

The canopy created effective cover from the weather around the length and shape of their building, keeping their pupils dry during downpours. The Coniston was perfect for Bovingdon Primary School as it can be any length and be installed around building corners to create continuous cover, no matter what the obstacle. 

Installation Details:

Size: 26m x 8.9m x 11.9m attached with hip bars

Installed at:

Bovingdon Primary School
High Street
Hemel Hempstead

Here's what Bovingdon Primary School had to say about Able Canopies:
Product: Excellent
Would you recommend us? Yes 

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