Large Span Canopy

The ideal canopy to cover BIG spaces at a small cost

Our timber frame Tarnhow canopy is the perfect choice to transform large outdoor areas into usable space that will add value to school life. 

Create a new place for break times, for dining, for teaching or for whatever your school needs. 

One school installed a temporary skating rink under their Tarnhow, showing how flexible the combination of timber frame and weather proof roof panels is.


The Tarnhow has some standout practical benefits for adding shelter to a large open area:

  • It is a lower cost choice – the glulam timber frame is cheaper than comparable steel structures
  • It is safer – the large span timber dome removes the need for supporting posts under the canopy, which means safer, uninterrupted movement for students, staff and visitors


The benefits of using natural materials

  • The Tarnhow timber frame brings style and good looks to any installation and it fits in perfectly with both traditional and modern surroundings.
  • Our glulam frames are made from sustainable sources which have PEFC certification.
  • The timber frames are flexible. They can be stained in a range of colours to suit your location and can also be enhanced with lights and heaters to extend their use into the evening and in cooler weather.
  • They are also safe as they are fire resistant to British Standard BS 5268.

For more information on the Tarnhow range visit our website:

To chat to one of our experts about how the Tarnhow could help you make the most of the big spaces on your campus, call us now on 0800 389 9072 or email on


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