Macrolux Compact Solid Polycarbonate Sheets

Able Canopies work exclusively with Macrolux Compact extruded solid polycarbonate sheets


Due to a unique combination of properties, MACROLUX COMPACT sheets guarantee outstanding levels of light transmission, impact strength and resistance to mechanical stresses, together with exceptional long-term chemical-physical stability. The material is easy to both fabricate and form and is suitable for a wide variety of applications.

These characteristics make MACROLUX COMPACT sheets particularly suitable for applications in CONSTRUCTION such as: safety glazing, protective screens, skylights, dome roofs and tunnels. The superior breakage resistance of MACROLUX COMPACT makes it an ideal choice where vandal-proofing and safety are concerns.

The product also benefits from optimum light transmission: SIGNAGE: billboards, illuminated signs, street signs. Thanks to the exceptional impact resistance and ease of working, it is possible to obtain an infinite range of shapes and sizes by thermoforming, cold curving or machining.

Mechanical Properties of Polycarbonate 

Type of Test



Specific weight

DIN 53479

1,2 gr/cm³

Resilience at 23˚C

DIN 53453

30 KJ/m²

Impact Strength at 23˚C

DIN 53453

Non fragile (Class)

Impact Strength at -40˚C

DIN 53453

Non fragile(Class)

Modulus of elasticity

DIN 53457

2300 MPa

Resistance to breakage

DIN 53455

70 MPa

Yield point

DIN 53455

65 MPa

Bending strength

DIN 53452

130 MPa

Brinell Hardness (Bull HC30)

DIN 53456

145 NM/mm²

Compression Load - absence of breaks

DIN 53454

80 M Pa

The data in the above table illustrates the main characteristics of Macrolux C sheets, which are: - durability and optimum resistance to all mechanical stresses both accidental and intentional, even when particularly heavy. As a result, Macrolux C sheets offer an excellent solution for applications requiring a high level of safety which cannot be obtained from other materials.

Thermal Properties

Type of Test



Coefficient of thermal linear expansion

VDE 0304-1

0,065 mm/m˚C (-50˚ ٪ +90˚C)

Thermal conductivity

VDE 0304-1

0.21 W/Km

Continual use temperature


115 ٪ 125˚C

Specific heat


1.17 KJ/KgK

Softening temperature

DIN S3460


Melting point


240˚C - 260˚C

Flash point



These are key values which illustrate two basic qualities: the first and most important is the stability of the sheets at very high temperatures (where other materials cannot be used). The second is the products low expansion which is extremely important for the correct sizing of the sheets, whether contained in structures or metal profiles, or fixed on to other materials.

Cold Curving

Many applications in construction, interior design and industry require this type if use.
This is possible, provided the minimum radius of curvature is at least 150 times the thickness of the sheet.


The UV protection, co-extruded on both sides, guarantees the long-term stability of the optical and mechanical characteristics and requires minimum maintenance.

Resistance to chemicals

Acids: 5% acetic acid, 20% arsenious acid, 10% chromic acid. Alcohol: 96% ethyl alcohol, isoamilic alcohol, propargilic alcohol, sat. potassium aluminium alum, sat. chrome alum, sat. sodium bicarbonate, sat. Sodium disulphate, butyl, cinnamon, cement, cyclohexane, onion, sat. sodium chlorate, sat. aluminium chloride, sat. ammonium chloride, sat. magnesium chloride, sat. mercurious chloride, potassium chloride, sat copper chloride, sulphur chloride, sat. zinc chloride, sat cuprous chloride, decaline, sat. calcium nitrate, sat. potassium nitrate, olive oil, paraffin oil, castor oil, pentane, sat. potassium per sulphate, tomato pulp. Sulphates: sat. aluminium sulphate, sat. magnesium sulphate, sat. manganese sulphate, sat. nickel sulphate, sat. potassium sulphate, sat. zinc sulphate, sat. ferric sulphate, Sat. sublimate, grapefruit juice, turpentine, sat. antimonyl try chloride, sulphur.

Not Resistant
Acetaldehyde, acetone. Acids: concentrated acetic acid, benzyl acid, benzoic acid, butyric acid, phenic acid, 30% formic acid, conc. Propionic acid, 10%, trychlorace-tic acid, benzyl alcohol armonia water acid, phenyl ethylic alcohol, benzene, benzol, bromobenzene, sat. potassium cyanide, cyclohexanone, cyclohexane, ethyl chlorohydrins, chloroform, ethyl chloride, phosphor chloride, creosol, dioxin, diethyl ether, ethylamine, phenol, sat. ammonium fluorine, dimethyl fluoramide, methyl metacrylite, acrylic nitrile, nitrobenzene, pyridine, 5% caustic potassium, Sat. potassium sulphocyanide, sat ammonium sulphide, carbon sulphide, 5% caustic soda solution, styrol, tetrachlorethane, carbon tetra-chloride, tetrohydrofuran, tetraline, thiophene, toluene, phosphorous tricholride, xylene, xylol. Plasticizers: trimethyl acid esters, butyl stearate, tricresilphosphate.

Limited resistance to: 30% acetic acid, conc. perchloric acid, ionilftalate, sulphuric dioxide. 


Manufacturers Disclaimer

All information, direction or advice given by EMP SA and contained in this document as to the performance characteristics, application, design or use of its materials is given in good faith and to the best of its knowledge. However as EMP SA has no control over the use to which others put its materials, it does not accept any liability in connection with any services rendered by it or for the design characteristics or performance of the materials either towards any purchaser or use thereof or towards any third party. Each user of the materials should make its own tests to determine the materials suitability for such use.
Standard tolerances on weight are ±5%. Standard tolerances on thickness are ± 1mm on average value.
EMP SA reserves the right to change any of the data stated in this document at any time and without any previous announcement. This document has been translated in good faith from the Italian original. EMP SA will not take any responsibility for any errors or problems of interpretation of the translated text.

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